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We’re creating amazing smiles in Downtown Toronto.

Elmwood Park Dental is the best choice for all your dental needs, such as preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental treatments.

Say goodbye to dental bill headaches

and embrace a world of smiles with PayBright! Unleash the magic of stress-free dentistry payments, one case at a time

Experience relief by removing troublesome wisdom teeth

Our skilled team ensures a painless extraction, promoting oral health and preventing potential issues. Trust us for gentle, efficient care

Transform your smile with our expert orthodontists

 Using advanced techniques, we create personalized treatment plans for straight, beautiful teeth. Achieve confidence and oral health with us

Rediscover the joy of a complete smile

Our skilled team specializes in dental implants, offering a permanent solution for missing teeth. Restore function and confidence with our implant dentistry


Smile with Ease: Transforming Dental Bills into Stress-Free Experiences with PayBright

Say goodbye to dental bill headaches and embrace a world of smiles with PayBright! Unleash the magic of stress-free dentistry payments, one case at a time. Picture this: no more worrying about immediate financial strain after your dental visit. With PayBright, your dental bills transform into manageable, bite-sized pieces, allowing you to focus on your oral health without the financial frown. It’s like giving your budget a tooth-friendly treat, ensuring that your pearly whites stay bright, and your wallet stays light. Pay your dental bills with ease – because a healthy smile should never be a financial root canal. Dental Clinic Toronto is home to the top-rated dentist in Downtown Toronto, dedicated to providing exceptional dental care.



Best Dentist in Toronto

Elmwood Park Dental Clinic in Toronto

Elmwood Park Dental was founded on the concept of delivering top-quality yet affordable dental care for every patient. Our modern dental clinic in Toronto utilizes the latest dentistry technologies to provide lifetime oral health for you. Anyone dreaming of a perfect smile can assuredly step into our Toronto dental Clinic. Specializing in a wide variety of dental services allows us to serve a constantly increasing number of patients who leave our dental clinic with the utmost level of satisfaction. Elmwood Park Dental dispenses the best-quality dental services in Toronto and the neighboring area with a group of highly experienced dentists and specialists. Contact us now for a free consultation. At Dental Clinic Toronto, you will find the best dentist in Toronto, offering comprehensive services for all your dental needs.


Dentist Near You in Toronto

Top Dentists Near You in Toronto

Find the best dentist near you in Toronto at Dental Clinic Toronto, providing comprehensive and compassionate dental care. Our team of experts stays ahead of the recent techniques for both cosmetic and emergency dentistry services in Toronto so that you can experience an exceptional dental visit. Years of successful experience and immense expertise keep us at the top of the list for the best dental clinics in Toronto. We bring new capabilities to meet your dental needs in the best possible way. Elmwood Park Dental group makes your teeth look their healthiest and brightest and integrates the utmost skill and experience to deliver top-quality dental services. Our mission is to serve every patient with professional yet affordable dental treatments in a comfortable and stress-free environment. Do you look for a trusted dental clinic in Toronto? Look no further than Elmwood Park Dental! Give us a phone call right away.

Cosmetic Dentistry
dental veneer


Elmwood Park Dental

Top-rated Dental Care in Downtown Toronto

Our experienced Toronto dentist, Dr. Andre Hughes, and his dental associates at Elmwood Park Dental provide you a variety of dental procedures using the newest and most innovative dental technologies. All of our valuable services are offered in a comfortable, caring, and supportive environment. Patient satisfaction is always our top priority with each dental service.

Our professional Dentists in Downtown Toronto can provide excellent dental services using a variety of different insurance plans in a way that makes your visits more pleasant. For a skilled and experienced dentist near you in Toronto, choose Elmwood Park Dental Clinic. Contact our office in Downtown Toronto and schedule a consultation with Dr. Hughes or his associates to receive the best dental consultations and exceptional treatments. 

Dentistry in Toronto

Affordable Services in Our Toronto Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic Toronto is renowned for having the best dentist in Toronto, offering exceptional dental care and advanced treatments. At Dental Clinic Toronto, we provide a wide range of services, from routine cleanings to cosmetic dentistry, ensuring that you receive top-quality care. Trust the top-rated dentist in Downtown Toronto at Dental Clinic Toronto to keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

At Elmwood Park Dental, we integrate cutting-edge dental equipment with our vast knowledge and proficiency to deliver a wide array of dental services in Toronto encompassing cosmetic treatments and emergency care. By visiting our dental practice in Toronto, you can expect swift relief from dental discomfort and regain your self-assurance to smile, thanks to our cosmetic dental procedures that can enhance the appearance of your teeth, making them white and radiant.


Dental Services in Downtown Toronto

Dental Implants Toronto

Receive the most effective dental implant care at Dental Clinic Toronto. Our experienced staff and dentists have the necessary skills to ensure that you receive the best result.

Emergency Dental Clinic

Highly-qualified and certified emergency dentists at Elmwood Park Dental are standing by to provide the best treatments in any case of dental emergencies in Toronto.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

DENTAL CLINIC TORONTO can guide you through the wisdom tooth extraction process from start to finish and provide treatments for those suffering from dry socket.

Teeth Whitening

Dr. Andre Hughes and his qualified team provide a unique teeth whitening service using the most innovative technologies for improving your teeth’s appearance

Pediatric Dentist

DENTAL CLINIC TORONTO provides fabulous dental care to kids in a way that is caring and gentle so that your children can feel at home while receiving the best care.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our professional and certified team at Elmwood Park Dental performs a variety of dental cosmetic procedures to make your smile brighter and more vibrant.



One Smile, Two Stories: Transformative Before and After Dental Successes


Elevating smiles through Veneer Procedures, we’ve erased discoloration and perfected alignment. Witness a radiant transformation that not only enhances aesthetics but also renews self-assurance.


Experience a smile transformation with our Veneer Procedure. Custom shells conceal flaws, unveiling a natural and confident smile. Aesthetic enhancements redefine smiles and boost self-esteem.


Our Veneer Procedure has revolutionized smiles, addressing discoloration, irregularities, and gaps. Tailored porcelain or resin shells create a seamlessly enhanced smile, boosting confidence.



What People Are Saying About our Dental Clinic in Toronto

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FAQs by Our Toronto Patients

For those stepping into our dental clinic in Toronto, there may be some questions arising in their minds. We have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions from our Toronto dentist to help you gain helpful information.

Our patients can book their initial and further appointments online by filling out the forms on the Patients Form or Contact Us page. Our paramount priority is to deliver the dental services most conveniently and professionally. As a result, you will be in safe hands if you decide to get dentistry treatments at Elmwood Park Dental clinic in Toronto.

It is always best to arrive 10-15 minutes early, especially if it is your first appointment in our Toronto dental clinic. This will help you overcome your fear and anxiety and get familiar with the area.

Our dentist or dental hygienist will thoroughly assess your oral health state to find out the problem. After that, we can determine what dental services you require to restore your oral and dental health entirely. The dental treatments are pain-free at our dental clinic in downtown Toronto and won’t cause any complications afterward. So, there is no need to worry about your dentistry appointments.

We can provide you with a one-fits-all answer for such a question as dental treatments come at various forms and prices. For instance, the cost of dental implants in Toronto depends on many influential factors like the type of implant technique and material. Our caring staff is always ready to answer your questions precisely about the cost of each dental service. We pride ourselves on offering affordable dental services in Toronto at the highest quality. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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