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5 Tips About Root Canal Therapy

You may have heard the term “root canal therapy.” It is a kind of dental treatment applied to save a tooth. When there is an infection due to decay or a cavity, you should run to an emergency dentist to solve this dental issue. During endodontic treatment, the infected root canal will be removed. Then, inside the tooth will be cleaned. Finally, a dental filling or a dental crown will be applied to the tooth to restore its appearance and function. As a Toronto resident, if you look for a trusted and well-known dental clinic to have a successful root canal therapy, the dedicated endodontics at Elmwood Park Dental can help you professionally. Getting enough knowledge about endodontic treatment is a big milestone. Here, we provide some essential tips in this regard. Stay tuned.

In cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic dentists are concentrated on the appearance of patients’ teeth, mouth, gums, and generally their smiles. They also try to boost your oral situation and treat any other dental problems, even if they aren’t related to your appearance. Although it’s unnecessary, cosmetic treatments can quickly restore your lost self-confidence and smile.

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Signs to Alarm That You Need a Root Canal Therapy

  • If you suffer from severe pain while chewing or continuous pain in your mouth that does not go away, it can be a strong alarm reflecting the need to visit an endodontist specialist. Bear in mind that any unknown toothache should be examined for possible infection.
  • In case you feel your gums are swollen, seek pronto treatment. There may be a tooth abscess. And ignoring the dental issue at early stages will end in losing your tooth and going for tooth replacement options such as dental implants or dentures.

Is The Process Painful?

When an emergency dental problem comes across, you may feel afraid about the difficulty of the treatment and the accompanied pain. But this fear is futile. In fact, root canal treatment is done to reduce your dental pain. When a cavity spreads to the dental pulp, it causes infection. This is where the pain comes from it. During the endodontic treatment, your tooth will be numbed using anesthesia. So, you will not feel any pain. In better words, root canal therapy gifts you your natural tooth once again.

Is It Expensive?

The answer is simple. There are two choices: spending money to save your natural tooth or having a dental implant. Which one is cheaper? Definitely, the first one. Generally, the cost of this dental procedure varies considering factors including the number of dental channels, whether this is the first time that the root canal is obtained or retreat, or the person performing the root canal (a general dentist or a specialist).

How Long Shall I Avoid Eating and Drinking after This Method?

You should wait at least half an hour after your treatment to ensure that temporary filling is fixed enough.

What Are the Difficulties After the Process?

Generally, there is no serious problem after the operation. You can drive home yourself. You can do your daily activities without being worried about your tooth. Of course, it should be mentioned that you may not be able to speak easily due to feeling numb in your mouth.

The only side effect that people complain about is having a little pain that is normal and will go away after a few days. 

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