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Advanced Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Nowadays, thanks to cosmetic dentistry have learned a lot about the positive effect of a beautiful smile on an impressive appearance. There are many ways to have beautiful teeth and charming smiles in dentistry. The first dental treatments used were tooth extraction and traditional orthodontics to straighten the crooked teeth. Now, everything is changing and improving. And dental treatments are the same. The number of people who care for their teeth and smiles is increasing more and more. Located in the heart of Toronto, Elmwood Park Dental takes pride in utilizing top-of-the-line dental equipment to meet all valued patients’ dental needs and gift them a glorious smile with straight, pearly teeth. This article discusses the advanced forms of cosmetic dental methods.


How to Make Your Smile Beautiful?

As mentioned earlier, there is a comprehensive range of cosmetic dental procedures performed by professional and experienced dentists to improve the appearance of teeth and smiles. The question you may have is, what happens when the beauty and whiteness of our teeth decrease? Over time, the strong part of our teeth, called enamel, weakens. As a result, various changes happen to our teeth and gums. For example, most of us face tooth discoloration with the

passage of time. This is one side effect of weak enamel. Of course, other factors are also effective in tooth discoloration, such as daily food and beverages. Smoking can also change the color of our teeth. When enamel gets weaker, you may also face missing teeth. Cosmetic dental treatments help whiten teeth, fill teeth, replace missing teeth, and treat the cracks or gaps between teeth.



Misaligned teeth are an important dental imperfection that prevents us from smiling happily. Orthodontics is a traditional and widely-used method to straighten irregular and misaligned teeth. The gaps between your teeth will also be solved with orthodontic treatment. Besides, disorders related to jaw joints will also be treated with this cosmetic dental treatment. In this method, braces will be used for a specific period, helping move your teeth to the correct position and form. There is also another advanced method nowadays, used instead of  rthodontics, called Invisalign. In this advanced method, crooked and misaligned teeth will be treated and straightened by using or applying invisible braces or wires. 


Dental Implants

This is one of the new and costly methods of treating a single missing tooth or several missing teeth. The dental implant is an oral surgery in which a screw made of titanium is placed in the jawbone, and then a specific time is needed to pass the healing time. When the healing time of this oral surgery is passed, the abutment connector and the crown of the tooth are placed on it, giving it a natural appearance. It looks like a real tooth with the same appearance and function.


Bone Grafting 

When it comes to dental implants, the patient should have sufficient bone structure. Those who have lost their healthy tissue can go for the bone grafting process. This is an advanced surgery in cosmetic dentistry to move the healthy tissue to weak points. In other words, Bone grafting is a surgical procedure to replace the deteriorated bone with a transplant from another location.

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