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Are Clear Aligners Beneficial Enough to Invest?

Among all the dental problems that people struggle with daily, crooked teeth are one the most common dental issues impacting your smile. Having misaligned and crooked can significantly ruin your beautiful smile and make you feel ashamed of smiling or even talking to your family and friends. Fortunately, these days there are many improved dental treatments to straighten teeth, leading to a gorgeous shiny smile. At Elmwood Park Dental, many experienced and professional dentists are ready to provide services to patients who search for suitable ways to fix their crooked teeth and have their dream smiles. One of the most popular ways among people with misaligned teeth is braces which are designed in different types to be proper for different needs. These days, clear aligners are becoming as liked as traditional braces according to their unique features and advantages that attract patients, especially adults. Clear aligners can also be more expensive due to their excellent benefits compared to other common orthodontic treatments, which is why many people wonder if clear aligners are worth the cost. If you still are hesitant to make your final decision, here we gather reliable information to compare clear aligners system with traditional braces, making the situation much easier for you to decide.

What Exactly Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners can save you if you are one of those who have always hated the look of traditional braces. Clear aligners, also known as Invisalign, are a removable alternative to metal braces to strengthen teeth and give you a beautiful smile. When you become a candidate to have clear aligners, you will receive a customized, clear plastic set of these aligners, which need to be changed usually every two weeks to stay beneficial. Many people are choosing clear aligners over the traditional option, as the shape and design of traditional metal braces can be unpleasant for some people.

What Are the Advantages of Having Aligned Teeth?

As cosmetic dentists said, people with straighter teeth and generally more beautiful smiles are more confident and feel much better about their lives. Also, misaligned teeth can lead to other problems related to oral health. When your teeth are aligned, the place isn’t suitable for harmful bacteria to build up, and the risk of periodontal disease and dental infection will be reduced. Straighter teeth give you better oral hygiene, and the chance of tooth decay, jaw problems, and other dental issues like dental abscesses will be highly lessened.

Are Clear Aligners Beneficial Enough to Invest?

Why Are Clear Aligners Better than Traditional Braces?

  • Removable: you can remove clear aligners whenever you want, leading to feeling free and better oral hygiene.
  • Aesthetics: the tendency to have a beautiful smile is expected, which is why many people request treatments like teeth whitening to enhance their smiles. Not being interested in the look of traditional metal braces is another benefit of clear aligners.
  • Comfort: you won’t experience possible discomforts caused by traditional braces but having clear aligners

Remember to consult with an orthodontist if you have crooked teeth and want to boost your smile.

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