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Dental Implants in Toronto- What to Expect?

While getting dental implants in Toronto is a big decision, the number of people choosing implants has increased significantly. A study reported the growth of dental implants by 500,000 per year. With more and more people using dental implants over traditional crowns and bridges, you need to know if they are the right choice for you.  While getting a dental implant, you are replacing your tooth root with a metal tooth post. These dental posts, in simple words, are artificial teeth screws. Sounds scary, right? Well, relax and check out what to expect at a dental implant appointment, and stay prepared.  Initial evaluation  An endodontist in Toronto will first access the situation by doing a comprehensive examination to see your jawbone condition and decide the best implant process. During the initial evaluation, an x-ray will be taken, your tooth impressions and matching colors of your teeth will be accessed to ensure your implants look as natural as possible. Moreover, you will have to decide the number of implants you want.  Sometimes, you have to take additional help from other specialists to discuss all your medical conditions and medications. On the basis of the recommendations, you might need to take some antibiotics before the surgery to prevent any infections.  Tooth extraction  In case there is a tooth that needs to be replaced, your dentist will perform the procedure to remove it before moving ahead. You can have the extraction done simultaneously during the implant insertion.  Your implant dentist will discuss the anesthesia options with you. However, most of them use local anesthesia to numb the area and take away any pain. The process won’t take long unless the tooth is fractured. Moreover, you will just feel pressure during the process.  Insertion of dental implant and bone grafting  In general, dental implants are of two types – one in which the implant is inserted into the jawbone and the other where it goes under the gum line.  But your jawbone needs to be strong as it will need a lot of pressure to chew and protect the implant. Moreover, if your jaw requires extra bone, it will typically come from another jaw area.  In grafting, you will have to leave the area to heal first before adding an implant. Once the bone is healed completely, the dentist will implant a tooth in your jaw bone. The implant between 3 to 9 months will then become a part of your natural gum line.  Abutment placement  Once your implants are healthy, it is covered with an abutment on top of it. This piece will connect your implant to the crown. Sometimes the process is conducted simultaneously as the implant. However, as the abutment will be visible, you need to discuss with the dentist how to mask it. In such cases, a healing cap can be added to keep away the tissues and bone growing on the top of the abutment.  Addition of permanent crown  Now, when your gums have healed completely, your dentist will make an artificial implant for you. You can choose between a removable implant or a permanent one. In case you have multiple teeth in the back, just like a removable denture, you should consider the removable option as you can remove and clean it as needed.  Connect with a Reputed Clinic for Dental Implants  When you know the entire dental implant procedure, it is essential to discuss with your dentist to answer all the questions and understand the process. In case you are looking for a dental implant in Toronto, Elmwood Park Dental is the right place for you. Our Endodontist, Toronto, is highly reputable in offering the proper guidance and help for the implant procedure. Moreover, our dentist uses the latest technology and techniques to provide you with the best implants.  You can connect with us for further inquiries!!
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