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Dentures VS Dental Implants in Toronto

When a full set of teeth requires replacement, there are few viable options; the most frequently used are dentures or dental implants. At Elmwood Park Dental, we are professionally equipped to provide restorative methods, dentures, and dental implants in Toronto at affordable rates. Our specialized dental professionals are dedicated to helping you have what you’ve always dreamed of through top-of-the-line dentures and dental implants in Toronto. Our clinic proudly offers a full range of other services, including:

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How Do Dentures Restore Your Smile and Chewing Ability?

Modern dentures are professionally designed to replace a full set of top teeth, a full set of lower teeth, both the top and lower teeth, or portions of the above.

Once you enter a cosmetic dental clinic, you will receive initial dental examination services to ensure this option can effectively solve your problems. Then, your dentist takes an impression from your mouth and sends it to the dental lab, where your well-designed dentures are created. If you are looking for a well-known dental clinic that offers top-notch dentures in Toronto and can last longer than expected, you should start your journey at Elmwood Park Dental.


Invaluable Benefits of Cosmetic Dentures

Even with the availability of various tooth replacement choices today, many individuals still opt for dentures. This preference persists due to the many valuable advantages of this conventional approach. Below, we’ll highlight some of the benefits provided by Toronto dentures.

  • Dentures offer the convenience of nightly cleaning and adjustable fit.
  • Ready for immediate wear on the day of the procedure.
  • Custom-made based on a mold to closely resemble natural teeth.
  • Designed for comfortable wear in the mouth.
  • It can be prepared in advance, even before tooth extraction.
  • Crafted in the preferred shade of white for aesthetics.
  • Routine maintenance involves regular removal for cleaning.
  • Recommended gum health maintenance includes rinsing with salt water or gentle brushing with a soft-bristle brush.


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How Do Dental Implants Enhance Your Oral Functionality?

While a set of dentures can be removed for cleaning, dental implants are permanently implanted within the gums and fuse to the jawbone.

Before the beginning of teeth implant surgery, your dentist will evaluate your condition by considering several essential factors, including:

  • If you are smoking
  • If you suffer from a tooth infection
  • If you stick to routine oral hygiene habits
  • If you suffer from severe health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure


Once you are eligible for a tooth implant, your dentist will provide comprehensive information

about all available types and materials to help you choose the most appropriate options that suit your budget.

Elmwood Park Dental is prominent in providing successful yet pain-free dental implants in Toronto at a fraction of the price.

Precious Advantages Brought by Implanted Teeth

The details presented in the subsequent section can greatly assist you if you wish to gain further insight into the numerous advantages of Toronto Dental Implants.

  • Offering a permanent solution treated like natural teeth
  • Replacing one, several, or teeth with one post and a bridge, a full set of upper or lower teeth
  • Requiring straightforward oral hygiene practices
  • Acting the same as natural teeth


If you need dentures or dental implants in Toronto or need to know which is the right solution for you, call us for consultation.


About Our Experienced GP Dentist​

Dr. Bedrettin Cem Sener
Dr. Sener graduated from Hacettepe University, Ankara-Turkey in 1988, and received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. He started his residency program in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the Hacettepe University the same year. Between 1993 and 1994, Dr. Sener attended an exchange training program in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department of Allgemeines Krankenhaus Linz in Austria. After completing his Ph.D. and specialty in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in 1995, He continued his academic work and became an associate professor in 1999. He worked as a specialist between 2000 and 2001 in American Hospital in Turkey, then he continued his career at Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey, and became a full professor in 2006. Dr.Sener worked as a visiting professor at Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary. He performed as the vice dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Marmara University, from 2008 to 2010. He worked as a Visiting Professor in Oral Surgery at the University of Toronto since 2013, and in 2015 he completed his Dental Specialty Assessment and Training Program for Oral Surgery.

Dr. Sener has been practicing in Ontario since 2016 as a general practitioner and a member of Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, among other international professional associations. He is a Clinical Instructor in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto today. His primary interests are implants, bone grafting, tissue regeneration, sinus lifting, temporomandibular joint disorders, pain management, impacted wisdom teeth, and LASERs. He is a senior lecturer in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and has received an honorary medal from Hungarian Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Association. Dr. Sener is one of the founders and executive committee members of Turkish Association for Lasers in Dentistry. He is the author of 3 book chapters in international books, 55 scientific articles, 73 lectures, and 189 presentations and has more than 450 citations in medical journals. Dr. Sener directed five Ph.D. research studies, organized several scientific meetings, gave courses on implantology, bone grafting, distraction osteogenesis, temporomandibular joint disorders, Lasers, and basics of oral surgery.

Dr.Sener speaks German and Turkish. His hobbies are Classical stage arts, reading, and long nature walks, also He is an amateur painting artist and takes nature photographs