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Do You Have Problem Getting Numb for Dental Treatments?

Have you ever been to a dental office for a specific procedure and treatment, but you and your dentist realize that the local anesthetic has not worked on your teeth? This is an unfortunate situation in which you may suffer from excruciating pain during the treatment that turns your dental appointment into a disaster. Inability to get numb during a dental procedure may have various reasons, and we will glance at them in the rest of this article. However, before you continue reading, it is worth knowing that Elmwood Park Dental clinic, conveniently located in the heart of Toronto, is ready to offer you a wide variety of dental services painlessly and affordably. Therefore, you don’t need to be worried anymore if you cannot get numb during dental treatments. We benefit from the latest techniques and the highest quality material to deal with this situation without any complications.

Why Can’t You Go Numb During a Dental Session? 

As we have mentioned above, some people are resistant to the local anesthetic. So, they sometimes have to suffer from severe pain in the entire treatment procedure. Being aware of the causes of such a problem may help you and your dentist find a solution.

Vitamin C

It may be shocking, but vitamin C intake may be why you cannot go numb with a local anesthetic. Vitamin C has a significant impact on your body’s pH and counteracts local anesthetic. Therefore, it would be helpful if you avoid vitamin C consumption before your dental appointments. On the other hand, taking vitamin C can make the anesthetic effects disappear after dental surgeries such as wisdom tooth extraction.


An Extremely Painful Tooth

An extremely painful tooth that does not get numb is called a “hot tooth” by dentists. Hot teeth typically require more anesthetic material to go numb since nerve changes will cause them to be overactive. In addition, there may be more pain receptors developed by nerves that make the anesthetic less effective on your tooth. It may happen mostly when your tooth is severely decayed and requires endodontics to be saved.


Patients Movements When Getting Anesthetic Material

You would better not move during the administration unless you probably can’t go numb. The local anesthetic should be injected to the nerves, and if your dentist cannot do so, your teeth won’t get numb properly. Try your best to keep calm and still when injecting the local anesthetic.


Your Body

Local anesthetic is not supposed to work the same on everybody. The local anesthetic effects may even wear off in the middle of a dental procedure due to your body’s reaction. We should note that the quality of the anesthetic material is important too. Here at Elmwood Park Dental, We apply the highest quality material not to face any complications during the dental treatments.



Many patients feel anxious before and during the dental sessions, which will directly impact the efficiency of local anesthetic. You may not feel highly worried about cosmetic dentistry treatments such as dental implants, but the situation worsens when getting emergency dental services.


Do not forget that Elmwood Park Dental is always ready to provide you with the best dental services in Toronto, causing no pain and complications. Our patients’ satisfaction has always been our top priority. So do not hesitate to contact us!

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