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Dr. Hughes Participation in Welfare of Refugee Centre During COVID-19

At Park Dental Centres, we care about our community and helping those in need. Dr. Hughes and associates provide the highest quality dental care to their patients, including those who are not in a good financial situation and receive benefits from the Government of Canada, such as the refugee community. As part of our mission, Dr. Hughes tasked his associates and employees to always pay the most attention to every patient of Elmwood Park Dental and always have a respectful attitude to those who are in need of oral health despite their financial situation and dental insurances.

During the Corona Virus Pandemic (COVID-19), oral health became essential, and one of the most critical factors to avoid the virus. Aside from social isolation, we were all told to brush more frequently and drink plenty of water as the virus enters the body through mouth and nose. For those reasons, Dr. Hughes decided to join the fight and help the communities in need.

As we all know, refugees flee their countries with little money and belongings. Our government is trying to provide the basic needs for them, yet the refugee centers can use our help to provide more for their guests. Dr. Hughes and  his team decided to provide oral hygiene kits to refugee centers in Toronto. They prepared two hundred fifty (250) oral hygiene kits which included Tooth Brush, Whitening Tooth Paste, Floss, and a Chopstick. The packages included both adults and kids sets. Kid’s sets contained different size toothbrushes suitable for kids’ teeth and kid’s toothpaste, which has a different taste and smell for the kids to enjoy brushing their teeth. At Elwood Park Dental, we care about children’s oral health as it will have a significant impact on their life as an adult. We want to help the refugee kids maintain their oral health, not only during this difficult time but hopefully throughout their life.

We have documented the packing and delivery process so you can join us in this and share our joy. We would like you to know if you are part of our family, you are the reason we were able to help some of the people in our community, so you made this happen.

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