Emergency Cracked Tooth Repair in Toronto

A cracked tooth can be a dental emergency; contact our Dental Clinic Toronto to have your tooth cared for. Some smaller cracks in teeth can be repaired, while other large cracks and the breakage they cause will require root canals or even extractions and replacement. Our clinic is able to care for all of your cracked tooth needs. Call our Toronto emergency dental clinic for more information.

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Cracked Tooth Repair

When a tooth has a small outer layer crack that doesn’t go through to the inner tooth, it can often be repaired with a bonding procedure.

A layer of composite is bonded to the tooth and then cured, it can be formed to retain the tooth’s appearance, and the original shape and the colour can be matched closely. This will prevent the cracks from spreading and help add strength to the tooth.

A veneer can be bonded to the front of the tooth to cover the cracks and return the appearance of the tooth.

For cracks and breakage that affect the nerves and leave the pulp of the tooth, it will require a crown to cover the entire tooth and protect the entire surface of the tooth from food and debris.

A crown is created similar in appearance to the tooth that it covers, and the color is often made to match or made of a silver amalgam.

Deeper cracks that leave the root exposed are treated either at an emergency dental appointment or a scheduled dental appointment with a root canal and then topped with a crown.

This will prevent the tooth from becoming further damaged and treat the pain from an exposed root. If this is not suitable or does not solve the pain, the tooth must be extracted and replaced with a dental implant or other suitable replacement.

This can be an emergency dental need as an exposed root can lead to an infection that can spread throughout the body if untreated.

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When a small crack appears in a tooth, it can often be treated before it becomes a dental emergency. So, contact us at Elmwood Park Dental to have it treated on time, or if your tooth becomes cracked or damaged in a way that causes pain and discomfort or exposes the root, contact us for an emergency dental appointment.

Your tooth can be repaired with a bond, a veneer bonded to the front of the tooth, a crown to cover the entire tooth, and a root canal, or in cases of a crack that goes through to the root or breaks, it may require tooth extraction and replacement. It is essential to have the tooth assessed and a treatment plan as soon as possible to prevent the damage from progressing and increase the likelihood of the tooth being protected and saved from extraction or loss.

When it comes to cracked teeth, the essential thing to do is to visit an experienced emergency dentist right away. If you act quickly, your tooth will be protected from further damage. What’s more, an emergency dentist provides the best chance of saving your cracked tooth in the shortest possible time. If you need an emergency dentist in a local emergency walk-in dental clinic, you have come to the right place. Our emergency dentist in Elmwood Park Dental offers a full range of emergency, general, and cosmetic dental services to patients of all ages. In the case of a cracked tooth, please schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist in our dental clinic. Your tooth can be saved by our professional dentists in the well-equipped emergency dental clinic in Toronto.

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A cracked tooth can result from extreme temperature changes, a blow to your face, chewing on something hard, rough tooth surface, and bad habits, such as tooth grinding. It is worth knowing that a cracked tooth can be invisible to the naked eye. So, in the event of a dental emergency, such as a cracked tooth, a visit to the dentist is needed. Our dentists take an X-ray to detect hidden dental abnormalities and offer the best treatment plan. Keep in mind that untreated cracked tooth may lead to periodontal disease and more complicated dental issues. If you have a dental emergency, including a cracked tooth, and need an emergency dentist in Toronto, call Elmwood Park Dental today!