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Medical emergencies happen all the time. And most people are aware that they need to consult a medical professional when the need arises. However, most people are not clear on which clinic would suit them the best. Like medical emergencies, dental emergencies also happen all the time. People injure their mouth more times than you would think.

Now we need to know what dental emergencies are most common in all of Toronto.

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Tooth Fracture

The first and most common tooth emergency is tooth fracture. Some dentists revealed that most of their after-hours calls are about a tooth fracture or a displaced tooth.

There are many ways to fracture a tooth, you might knock it off in a fight. Or you may knock it out due to some trauma. Sometimes, sports injuries also result in tooth fracture or it is also possible to have a tooth crack after some other dental procedure. However, no matter what the reason is, tooth fracture hurts a lot and should be immediately attended to.

Chances are if you are playing a physical sport that involves contact such as hockey, football or basketball the best to avoid an injury is to use a custom-fitted mouthguard. A mouth guard lowers the risk of injury by a huge percentage as a result of a collision or falls.

Tooth Sensitivity

If a decaying tooth is causing you major discomfort including hot and cold, this does not signify a very serious problem. But tooth sensitivity due to decays can lead to bigger problems and that is why you should visit a doctor if you sense it.

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We specialize in dental emergencies and we try our best to provide the best emergency dental services in Toronto.

Oral Infection

Another serious emergency is an oral infection, which I might add is also very dangerous if not dealt with at the earliest. The best to identify an oral emergency is by noticing your jaw carefully. If there is prominent swelling around the jawline or under the mouth, chances are that you have a case of oral infection.

Even trouble in breathing and swallowing and drinking is an indication of an oral emergency. This type of infection is called Ludwig’s Angina, it occurs on the floor of the mouth beneath the tongue. This infection requires serious immediate care as the infection can quickly spread from the oral cavity to the tissues around the heart.

Infections can cause serious pains, they make life very difficult as eating, sleeping and even breathing becomes challenging. Usually, people prefer an over the counter medication for treatments, which results in an even worse condition. Therefore, it is important to see an emergency dentist at the earliest.

Visit a dentist as soon as you catch symptoms of oral infection, or even better schedule regular visits with your dentists so that you can avoid infections altogether.

emergency dental services

Knocked-Out Tooth

In emergency dentistry, a ” true emergency situation ” includes oral-facial trauma, uncontrollable bleeding, infection, and pain. Facial trauma is the most common cause of tooth loss. Usually, children and adults lose their teeth because they are more involved in physical activities. But what to do when this happens to you? If you have a dental emergency such as a knocked-out tooth, you should schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist right away. It is worth to know that proper emergency action can save your tooth.

If you act quickly and get an emergency dentist appointment in our Toronto dental clinic within 30 minutes, your tooth can be saved. Remember these tooth-saving steps.

Do not touch the tooth roots. Pick it up by its crown and store it in a cup of milk or your saliva and bring it with you to a dentist or dental clinic as quickly as possible. Do not use tap water. You should keep your tooth moist until you get to the dentist. You can gently reposition the tooth in its socket, if possible. Visit Toronto emergency dentist within 30 minutes of the injury for emergency dental treatment. In certain cases, the tooth can be saved even if it has been outside your mouth for an hour or more.

If you need an emergency dentist in Toronto to help you with your emergency dental needs, call our emergency line at 647-363-7764

Final Words

If you ever feel any of these three, you should immediately schedule a visit to the dentist, one of the best emergency services in Dental Clinic Toronto.

Our dentists are some of the finest emergency dentists in Toronto. We assure you that with our services and our work ethics, you won’t be disappointed.

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