Same-Day Tooth Replacement in Toronto

Sometimes a tooth requires extraction in a very noticeable position or that is needed for eating, and it needs to be replaced quickly, or in some instances, it is a better choice for healing to replace the tooth the same day it is extracted.

If this happens to you, call Elmwood Park Emergency Dental Clinic in Toronto to book your same-day tooth replacement.

Our team of dental professionals can assess your needs and form a treatment plan, including setting your appointment for extraction and same-day replacement.

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Same-Day Tooth Replacement

In a same-day tooth replacement, the broken or damaged tooth is removed, and the dental implant or bridge is installed in the same appointment.

When a tooth is easily extracted, it can be wiggled loose and then pulled from the gums.

In a more complicated situation, the gums will be cut open and the tooth extracted, usually when it has become impacted or breaking into too small pieces to be easily removed.

If the tooth comes cleanly and there is a healthy place for the replacement tooth, it can be installed in the same appointment as the extraction.

A crown will be formed in advance and created into a bridge to sit supported on the teeth on each side of the gap, or it can be used to top a dental implant post.

A dental bridge can be placed to close the gap where a tooth has been lost or extracted. It is a crown supported by an attached crown on each side, which are then attached to the remaining teeth. These two outer teeth will support the replacement tooth.

When a tooth is scheduled for extraction a bridge can be made and prepared for installation in the same appointment as the tooth is removed.

This is not the case for emergency tooth extractions, as the appliance cannot be made at the appointment itself unless an onsite procedure is in place at the dental office.

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When a tooth must be removed, it can also be replaced with a dental implant. This can also be installed in the same appointment as the extraction occurs.

The dental implant post would be installed in the place the tooth was extracted from if the gum and jawbone are healthy and able to hold it, and the crown attached to the top of the implant post all in one day. This can only be done when the mouth, jaw, and gums are healthy and well cared for.

A same-day tooth replacement can be done for scheduled tooth extractions and when the gums and jawbone are healthy and able to support the dental implant or the bridge.

After the tooth is extracted, the replacement is installed, and the healing process begins, rather than healing from the extraction or lost tooth, then having a replacement done. This is only viable in some situations and will not be suitable for everyone.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Same-Day Tooth Replacement?

Most people are good candidates. The best way to determine if you are the right candidate for a same-day tooth replacement is to schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist in our Toronto dental clinic. The emergency dentist in Elmwood Park Dental conducts a comprehensive dental exam to evaluate if the same-day tooth replacement is right for your specific needs.

In general, you may be a good candidate if you:

  • Have healthy oral tissues
  • Do not have medical conditions, uncontrolled diabetes, and cancer
  • Have one or more missing, loose, or damaged teeth
  • Are not alcoholism
  • Are a non-smoker
  • Do not have severe bone loss
  • Want to refer to a local emergency walk-in dental clinic with a full range of emergency, general, and cosmetic dental services that the results last a lifetime with proper care.
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If you are experiencing a dental emergency and are not a good candidate for a same-day tooth replacement, our experienced dentist develops a personalized treatment plan. After that, you will be eligible and achieve your desired smile as quickly as possible. If you are in search of Toronto dentists, do not hesitate to contact us.