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When a dental emergency occurs, receiving treatment quickly can be the difference between a tooth repair and the loss of a tooth completely. Our staff at Dental Clinic Toronto are trained and prepared to provide for all your dental emergency needs. From cracked or broken teeth to missing teeth or infections. To receive an emergency dental appointment, contact our office as soon as possible for a same day appointment.

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Cracked Tooth Repair

Your tooth will be assessed at your emergency dental appointment, and a treatment plan is created when necessary and possible treatment will be completed at the same appointment. All infections are treated with antibiotics to begin immediately, and a pain killer may be provided as needed.

Missing fillings or chipped teeth can be repaired with a cavity filling or a temporary fix for those that require a crown. If a tooth is lost, there is a possibility of replacement.

In some cases, the tooth can be replaced in its spot, and the gums may close around it as it resets itself, or in some instances, a dental implant post may be implanted with a crown to follow at a later appointment.

Emergency dental treatments may include extraction of damaged teeth if the root or nerves are exposed in any way, and an emergency root canal is possible in some situations.

The goal of emergency dental treatment is to stop the pain and keep the damages from progressing when possible, as well as avoiding illness causes by dental concerns. For dental care that improves the appearance of teeth, a regular appointment can be scheduled.

Not all dental concerns are addressed in an emergency appointment. A common cavity that is not risking the nerve or root may be a regularly scheduled appointment, while a filling lost or required that risks damage to the nerve or roots and is causing pain, swelling, or has signs of infection will be treated as an emergency.

A tooth that has been damaged or knocked out by trauma will be treated as a dental emergency, and all efforts will be made to save the tooth and manage any pain symptoms and avoid infection.

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Contact our dental office for any emergency dental treatment needs or questions, and schedule your regular or emergency dental appointment.

Dental emergencies will be provided same-day appointments that will include assessment and treatment, while nonemergent needs will be scheduled at the next available appointment time.

Our Toronto dental clinic offers care for both emergencies and preventative dental care, allowing you to keep all your dental care in one office and continuity of care.

What to do If a Tooth is Knocked Out?

A knocked-out permanent tooth is a serious dental emergency. Be aware that if you have a dental emergency, such as a knocked-out permanent tooth, you should visit your dentist right away. You should follow some steps until you get to the dentist at our Toronto dental clinic.

For a knocked-out permanent tooth, find the tooth and hold it by its crown. Never touch the tooth root. You can rinse it with warm water and put it back in its socket, if possible. If you cannot reinsert the tooth in its socket, you should keep it moist. So store it in a container of milk or water and call our emergency line to get an emergency dentist appointment as soon as possible. The sooner you get to our Toronto emergency dental clinic, the more likely the tooth can be saved. If your child’s milk tooth is knocked out, leave them out and call our Toronto emergency dental clinic immediately for instructions.

A dental emergency requires immediate emergency attention. When a dental emergency occurs, schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist right away to minimize the permanent damage.

Our Toronto dentist office offers same-day emergency dental appointments during normal business hours.

Problems with Wisdom Teeth


Treatment: If you have reinserted the tooth in its socket, our emergency dentist in Toronto dental clinic will take an X-ray to check if it is in the correct position. He will then splint it to the adjacent teeth to fix it in its position for two weeks.

If you store your tooth in a container of milk or water, our Toronto emergency dentist will numb the desired area and re-implant the tooth.