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If you need to visit an experienced endodontist in Toronto, contact our dental office right away. We will schedule a same day appointment with our Toronto endodontist as soon as possible. At Elmwood Park Dental, our highly qualified and leading specialist in endodontics in Toronto, Dr. Ryan Margau, performs endodontic therapy using the modern and innovative dental technologies. If you need to consult with our experienced endodontic specialist in Toronto, call us now.

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FAQs Provided by Our Highly-Trained Toronto Endodontist

As our professional endodontic specialist in Toronto states, severely injured or infected teeth can be easily preserved through an excellent restorative method called endodontic treatment. Therefore, the longer you wait to undergo your treatment, the less chance you have to eliminate the risk of tooth loss. In the following part, the list of common questions our patients ask is provided for those who need more information in this regard:

Root canal therapy performed by a certified endodontist in Toronto varies in price depending on what is included in the procedure and your tooth location. In general, the cost of endodontic therapy in Toronto can be anywhere from $800 to $1500. Many health and dental insurance plans cover endodontics prices. We accept all dental insurances and also offer payment facilities. You can pay for your dental work overtime. Call us at +1 647-363-7764 for more information about the cost of our endodontic services in Toronto.

Some dental insurance will cover the entire cost of endodontic therapy in Toronto, Canada, while the others may just cover some parts of it. If you don’t have dental insurance and can’t afford the costs of endodontics, you can take advantage of our overtime payment plan options. Give us a call today and book your appointment with our Toronto endodontist: +1 647-363-7764

Some dental offices have an in-house endodontist, while others refer to an endodontist nearby, depending on your dental needs. It is beneficial to see a licensed endodontist who has the experience and training specific to these procedures. We have a professional Toronto endodontist in our dental group who can perform painless root canal treatment. Many dental clinics in downtown Toronto refer their complicated cases to our dentistry for our specialist, Dr. Ryan Margau. Call our endodontist in Toronto for more information.

Yes, you can schedule an appointment with an endodontist.

At each stage of the procedure, your tooth will be cleaned by the endodontist; they remove the damaged portion of the tooth, remove the roots, and then rebuild it. To know more about the endodontic procedure in Toronto, you can contact our dental office and ask for a free consultation.

Yes, endodontists are dental specialists who pass the regular courses of a general dentist in addition to the specialized ones. As a result, they can provide all the dental work that a general dentist does. Our endodontist in Toronto delivers the best treatment plan to save your natural tooth. If your tooth is extracted, we can replace it with top-quality dental implants and other tooth replacement options.

The endodontist makes an x-ray, and they may do a bite test to check the filling and how the bite sits after the procedure. If you still have a question about endodontic therapy, call our Toronto endodontist: +1 647-363-7764

Endodontists are experts in root canal therapies of all types. So, a visit to the endodontist is essential in the event of a damaged or decayed tooth or when you notice some symptoms of pain, swelling, and infection. Our endodontist in Toronto can help you manage the so-mentioned dental issues.

When requiring certain types of treatment, an endodontist is a valuable partner in your dental care, as they can perform the procedure in the best possible way and ensure your oral health.

Yes, an endodontist will complete the procedure with a crown or other necessary actions.

Yes, they can prescribe antibiotics needed during a root canal procedure, before or after, to care for your tooth and dental health.

About Our Endodontist

Dr. Ryan Margel Dental Clinic Toronto

Dr. Ryan Margel


Dr. Ryan Margel, DMD, MS, FRCD(C) is our Endodontist who specializes in root canals. Originally from Toronto, he graduated with distinction from York University with a major in Mathematics. In 2009, Dr. Margel obtained his dental degree from The University of Pennsylvania. He then went on to work as a general dentist for two years prior to embarking on a two-year specialty program at Marquette University in Endodontics. His Masters thesis investigated the anatomical complexities of molar root canals. Dr. Margel is a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada. In his spare time, he enjoys sports, traveling, and spending time with his two daughters.

In Need of Endodontic Treatment in Toronto?

When tooth decay remains untreated, it develops more and involves the tooth nerves. It is important to see your dentist or endodontist to treat it properly. In some cases, your dentist will refer you to an endodontist. In endodontic or root canal therapy, our certified Toronto endodontist, Dr. Ryan Margau, removes the infected nerves in the tooth. In the following parts, we provide you with additional information to help you know when endodontic services are required:

Who Are Referred to the Endodontists?

Endodontists are professionals in various treatments, such as root canal therapy. It is important to visit an endodontist when you need a root canal or a complicated procedure regarding a tooth’s damaged root or nerve. According to oral surgeons who are qualified to provide root canal treatment, your dentist may refer you to an endodontist for dental surgery, especially if they have an in-house endodontist who can do the procedure in a timely manner from the discovery of the dental concern. In case of the need for endodontic services in Toronto, you can always trust our team at Elmwood Park Dental.

Endodontist​ Toronto shows the untreated tooth decay process

The process of tooth decay development if left untreated


What Are the Most Common conditions that force you to visit an endodontist?

Generally, patients with severely decayed, broken, or infected teeth should immediately schedule an appointment with a highly-skilled endodontist in no time. Our Toronto endodontic specialist can perform painless root canal therapy to save your natural tooth and eliminate the risk of severe dental emergencies. Contact Elmwood Park Dental for more information

How Does an Endodontist Preserve Your Oral Health?

An endodontist specializes in root canal therapy. Endodontists offer the most experience and training in root and nerve treatments, preserving your natural teeth when you require this treatment. At Elmwood Park Dental, our professional endodontist in Toronto examines the tooth and assesses the damage to decide what treatment is necessary and how to move forward, considering your unique dental needs.

How endodontist Add a crown to ensure the strength of the tooth

What Are the Most Common Services Offered by an Endodontist?

The most common treatment that an endodontist can perform is a root canal. During root canal treatment, our endodontist, who specializes in such treatment, will remove any damaged parts of the tooth, clean out the remainder, place a filling, and add a crown or other necessary treatments to ensure the strength of the tooth. Dr. Ryan Margel is an endodontist in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. When a tooth is damaged beyond what a normal filling can repair, it may reach the root and the nerves. Elmwood Park Dental specialist in endodontics in Toronto recommends you undergo root canal therapy if this is the case.


Tooth Decay

Are There any Signs that Indicate You Need Endodontic Procedures?

The main signs that indicate you may need endodontics are as follows:

Cracks and chips on your tooth

Dental pain when chewing

Sensitivity to hot and cold

Pain in the surrounding tissues of the affected teeth

As soon as you notice any of mentioned symptoms, you should prevent tooth infection from spreading by seeking on-time endodontic treatment. We are always ready to make an appointment with our professional endodontic expert in Toronto to relieve your pain as soon as possible.

When endodontics fail?

Although endodontists always try their best to save your natural tooth, the damages may be to the extent that they must perform a tooth extraction. You don’t need to worry about your missing tooth, as we offer the best dental implants in Toronto to replace it.

Call us to book your appointment with Dr. Ryan Margel, practicing the best endodontist in Toronto for your endodontic needs. Our dental clinic offers a wide range of services to care for your dental health, including teeth implants, bone grafting, dentures, and endodontics in Toronto.

Office is ready to care for your needs at our dental clinic.

Symptoms that Indicate Your Tooth Needs Endodontics

If you have symptoms such as pain, tooth sensitivity to cold or heat, pain while chewing, abnormal tooth discoloration, and swelling, you may need endodontic therapy. Sometimes, you experience no symptom, while there is such widespread decay in the tooth that its root canals need to be cured. This is why we always recommend our patients have regular dental check-ups. If you look for healthy, beautiful teeth, book an appointment with our endodontist in Toronto, Dr. Ryan Margau. We are dedicated to ensuring your oral health for a lifetime.

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Endodontic Procedure

Are you a candidate for endodontic therapy? If the answer is yes, visit our best endodontist in Toronto. Endodontists are valuable partners in your dental health.

The first step in the endodontic procedure is typically a radiology photograph. Our Toronto endodontist uses a local anesthetic to control your pain. During root canal treatment, an endodontist will remove the part of the tooth affected by an infection. Then our dentist removes the infected nerves by using a small dental instrument.

Then, the root canal is cleaned. A tooth that has undergone endodontics requires a dental filling, but the root canal should be cleaned and dried before. Your tooth may remain open for several days to make the tooth empty from possible liquid and secretions. If the endodontic therapy process requires more sessions, Dr. Ryan Margau uses a temporary filling on the ivory to protect the teeth and keep them away from food and saliva. Contact Elmwood Park Dental to visit our specialist in endodontics in Toronto and have the best root canal treatment done on your teeth.

Third, if there is a temporary filling on the tooth, we will remove it. After cleaning and drying the area, it is time for a dental filling. The last process is tooth restoration. Due to the widespread tooth decay and extensive filling, the tooth should be protected. The tooth crown is made of gold, porcelain, or a combination of porcelain and metal.

The surgical staff at Dr. Ryan Margau’s office is experienced and certified. They provide the best operation during the endodontic therapy process. All our patients are continually monitored by staff during and after the dental procedures.

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Endodontic Procedures​

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