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Endodontics for Cracked Tooth Toronto

Those who need endodontic treatment for a cracked tooth in Toronto can rely on our expert endodontist at Elmwood Park Dental. Same-day appointment is available for emergency cases.

Endodontic Therapy for Cracked Tooth in Toronto

Elmwood Park Dental utilizes the most advanced dental techniques and technology to provide professional endodontics for cracked teeth in Toronto. We can offer top-quality diagnosis, treatment, and post-care instructions when your tooth is cracked and requires endodontic therapy. Our experienced endodontic specialists endeavor to preserve the structure of your cracked or broken tooth through endodontics. We will save your cracked tooth by performing endodontic therapy in Toronto. When you visit our team with a cracked tooth, we will carry out a thorough examination to recommend an appropriate course of endodontic treatment. Contact Elmwood Park Dental to get affordable cracked tooth endodontic therapy in Toronto.

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About Our Endodontist

Dr. Ryan Margel Dental Clinic Toronto

Our Endodontist, Dr. Ryan Margel, DMD, MS, FRCD(C) specializes in performing root canals. He comes from Toronto and graduated with distinction from York University, where he majored in Mathematics. In 2009, Dr. Margel received his dental degree from The University of Pennsylvania. After working as a general dentist for two years, he pursued a two-year program in Endodontics at Marquette University. During his Master’s program, he researched the complex anatomy of molar root canals. Dr. Margel is a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada and enjoys sports, traveling, and spending time with his two daughters when he is not working.

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Cracked Tooth Endodontics in Toronto, Restore Your Healthy Smile

Here at Elmwood Park Dental, we offer Toronto endodontic services as the most viable solution for saving a broken or cracked tooth. You may concern if you can preserve your natural tooth after endodontic therapy.
It is what certainly our endodontic specialist strives to achieve for a cracked tooth and uses the latest techniques for such a purpose. If you have been told you need endodontics for your cracked tooth in Toronto, visit our endodontist right away. We specialize in various types of root canal therapy and are able to give you a perfect smile through cosmetic or emergency dental services. Reach out to our team and book your consultation for cracked teeth endodontics in Toronto.

Post-Endodontic Care: Essential Tips for Preserving Cracked Tooth Health

After saving a cracked tooth through endodontic treatment in Toronto, it’s crucial to follow proper caring tips to maximize the success rate of the procedure. Here are some essential caring tips:

  • Avoid chewing on hard food and stick to soft and liquid foods
  • Maintain excellent oral hygiene habits to remove plaque and food debris from around the treated tooth
  • Avoid tobacco products because smoking can hinder the healing process
  • Watch for initial signs of infection


By following these caring tips and maintaining good oral hygiene practices, you can help ensure the long-term success of your endodontic procedures in Toronto and preserve the health of your cracked tooth.


FAQs about Broken or Cracked Tooth Endodontics

Whether your tooth is cracked due to general wear and tear or an injury, you may experience various symptoms, such as severe, sudden pain when chewing your food. In such a case, it is best to visit our Toronto endodontist for cracked tooth repair. You may also need a dental crown after root canal therapy so that your broken or cracked tooth look and function as usual. Our endodontist, who specializes in saving cracked teeth in Toronto, has answered some of your common questions in this regard. Please feel free to get in touch with us if your question is not covered in the list below.

A cracked, chipped, or broken tooth can lead to severe oral health issues beyond pain and tooth sensitivity. Inflammation and infection caused by a cracked tooth may eventually spread to the adjacent teeth and surrounding gum tissue, leaving you in real trouble. However, an on-time root canal treatment for a cracked tooth at our Toronto clinic will prevent all the above-mentioned problems and save your natural tooth. Without cracked tooth endodontics, you lose your tooth and have to replace it through implant surgery or dentures.

Our endodontist treats your cracked tooth in Toronto by performing root canal treatment. If the crack in your tooth is not caught in time, you will end up a tooth loss. Bear in mind that root canal therapy does not address your cosmetic dental needs, and it should be paired with other cosmetic dental services such as tooth bonding or crowns. Contact us and schedule your appointment for cracked tooth endodontics in Toronto

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The endodontic team at Elmwood Park Dental is ready to save your natural tooth without hesitation through emergency endodontics in Toronto. Same-day appointments available.

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