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FAQ about Wisdom Teeth


What to Expect When You Get Your Wisdom Teeth Out?

Like the appendix, the wisdom teeth are in the mouth while there is no reason for them. Sometimes they cause problems and discomfort for you. That is why most of the emergency dentists recommend removing your wisdom teeth, even if they do not have any pain and discomfort. 


What is Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars at the back of your mouth, two on the lower jaw, and two on the upper jaw, which do not have any role in chewing. They come through the gum in the late teens or early twentieth. Some people may not have wisdom teeth. 

Usually, there is not enough room for their eruption, so they put pressure on your natural healthy teeth, and as a result, the wisdom teeth will be impacted. The impacted wisdom tooth can cause problems, including pain, damage to the adjacent healthy teeth and bones, cysts, and so on. 


What are the Symptoms of the Wisdom Teeth?

Since the wisdom teeth are at the back of the mouth, brushing and flossing are hard. Therefore, there is a high risk of gum disease or periodontitis. The symptoms of periodontitis are bleeding gums, pain, bad breath, and swollen gums.

Besides, in some cases, the wisdom tooth is infected. If your wisdom tooth is infected, there is no way except for its extraction. To avoid such painful complications, visit the emergency dentist as soon as you can. 


How the Emergency Dentist Removes Your Wisdom Tooth?

When you refer to the emergency dental clinic to remove your wisdom tooth, first, the staff takes an X-ray to evaluate your wisdom tooth, its position, its room, and more. Depending on your dental condition, the emergency dentist decides to remove your wisdom tooth during the extracting or surgery process. The emergency dentist numbs the desired area with the use of local anesthesia. Sometimes general anesthesia or sedation is used to make you relax during the removing process. 


What to Expect After Wisdom Tooth Removal?

On the first day, you may have some complications of wisdom teeth removal. In this case, you should follow the following guidelines:

– After consultation with the emergency dentist, you can take painkillers. 

– You can place a cold pack on your face to reduce swelling.

– Hold the gauze on the missing tooth area. You can remove it gently after one hour. If bleeding is uncontrolled, call the emergency dentist.

– You are not allowed to rinse your mouth vigorously or brush your teeth in the first day. 

– Exercising is forbidden on the first day. 

– Please, avoid smoking for at least five days. 


The extraction of wisdom teeth is a safe procedure if you refer to a reliable dental clinic, which offers the latest technology.

 Here at Dental Clinic Toronto, we offer you the best dental treatment for your wisdom teeth at a warm and friendly clinic. Before deciding on wisdom tooth removal, you should consult with the emergency dentist and schedule an appointment. 

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