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Dental Services for Refugees

Refugees and newcomers to Canada probably face many obstacles regarding their challenging way of migration. Nowadays, concerns about the oral health care of refugees have increased to a significant extent.
Elmwood Park Dental in Toronto decided to make all refugees less worried about their oral health care by accepting refugee insurance.
The full and professional range of dental services for refugees makes Elmwood Park an exceptional dental clinic in Toronto.

Elmwood Park Dental has gathered the most professional dental specialists to deliver both cosmetic and emergency dental treatments. Our emergency dentistry services include emergency root canal therapy, emergency cracked tooth repair, bleeding gums treatment, tooth abscess treatment, wisdom tooth extraction, and same-day tooth replacement and etc.

The Dental Examination, X-Rays and Fillings are covered by IFHP and its free for Refugees in Canada. We provide all those services to the residents of Ontario and the refugees. 

Discounted Root Canal Therapy for Refugees

Root canal therapy or endodontics is a common yet complicated dental procedure requiring a dentist’s expertise and experience. Professional endodontists at Elmwood Park Dental perform a painless root canal therapy for refugees in Toronto and surrounding areas. In case you need to get root canal therapy, call Elmwood Park Dental with no hesitation. 

Wisdom Tooth Removal for Refugees

Impacted wisdom teeth need to be extracted through a surgical procedure before they lead to complicated dental problems. Refugees can contact Elmwood Park Dental and book an appointment with our wisdom tooth surgeon to have their impacted wisdom tooth extracted painlessly. The fees will be covered by the refugee insurance. P


Providing essential dental services for refugees, ensuring oral health for all


Free Emergency Cracked Tooth Repair for Refugees

Deep dental cracks may cause severe dental pain and compel you to have an emergency dental appointment. Emergency cracked tooth repair for refugees helps them deal with any complication caused by a broken or cracked tooth. You can always trust our dentists and contact Elmwood Park Dental to have your cracked tooth repaired appropriately. The fees will be covered by the refugee insurance. 

Free Kid's Emergency Dentist for Refugees

Although extremely common, dental emergencies are distressing for both adults and children. However, children are more vulnerable and need immediate emergency dental care. Elmwood Park Dental in Toronto aims to ease refugee kids’ dental complications and emergencies for free. No matter what dental emergency your children are going through, the help they need as a refugee is provided by our emergency dentist for kids in Toronto.

Elmwood Park Dental only provides the listed services free of charge for the patient as they are covered and paid by IFHP program. 

Wisdom Tooth Infection

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