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Full Arch Dental Implants Vs. Dentures: Which One Should I Get?

Grandparents’ dentures are probably one of the strangest things we see in our childhood. As you age, the risk of losing your teeth becomes higher and higher, and seeking the right dental solution to replace the missing teeth and keep your life quality is one of the essential things that everyone should consider. Yet, having all your teeth missing is not a trauma that only occurs for older people; younger people also can lose many of their teeth due to accidents, severe dental emergencies, etc. Fortunately, thanks to technology and knowledge improvements, there are better replacement options to solve the missing teeth issues compared to the past and its difficulties. One of the two most prevalent dental replacement options for people with several missing teeth is full arch dental implants and dentures. Here at Elmwood Park Dental, professional implant dentists and experts in other fields are always ready to provide service for older adults or younger patients with missing teeth. If you have ever been hesitant about these two options, this article can help you understand your condition and make a better beneficial choice in addition to your dentist’s guidance. Asking yourself these questions can significantly help you realize your preferences about dentures and dental implants.

Can I handle the risk of bone loss?

One of the most considerable consequences of having missing teeth is that your body immediately starts to lose bone density. The loss of bone density also can cause other dental issues and problems that should be managed by an emergency dentist by offering the best possible emergency treatment options. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to stop bone loss with a traditional denture, unlike full-mouth dental implants, which also fix this problem in addition to replacing your missing teeth. Dental implants are surgically placed in your jaw, leading to having a fuller, more natural jawline and better oral health. Also, professionals can perform bone grafting surgery to strengthen their jawbone for people who already lack bone volume.

Can I manage the hassle of caring for traditional dentures?

People with traditional dentures are obliged to maintain many caring steps to keep their dentures helpful and efficient. Dentures must be sanitized every night to prevent tooth infections and other dental problems. Also, you need to consider a budget for dentures cream over time and replace them about every 5-10 years. These all caring steps aren’t easy, especially for the elderly, making full arch dental implants a better option even if a step of oral surgery is needed.

Do I like to keep spending money on dentures?

Although dental implants cost more than dentures at the first level, dental implants pay themselves long-term. Dentures are harder to maintain, and the rate of dental problems like bleeding gums or breaks is much higher in dentures compared to dental implants. Furthermore, remember dental implants repair is rarely needed if you have excellent oral hygiene and take good care of them.

Choosing between dental implants and dentures entirely depends on your requirements and demands, but consulting with a professional cosmetic dentist can give you a better vision.

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