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How to Treat Irregular Teeth?

Our teeth are the most important features to enable us to smile confidently. In other words, when you smile, teeth are the only part that will be identified. As a result, if you want a glorious smile, you should have white, pearly, unified, straight teeth. Now, the question is, do we all have these golden teeth? Of course not. The first teeth erupt in our mouth are white, healthy, and unified. With the passage of time, various factors affect the health and appearance of our teeth, including the foods and drinks we consume, the disease we are challenged with, the way we take care of our teeth, etc. Irregular teeth are one of the most common dental defects we may suffer from. Located in the heart of Toronto, Here at Elmwood Park Dental, all of your irregular teeth will be treated, and we will gift you the great smile you have always wished for. 

Nowadays, some methods treat irregular teeth and change them to straight ones. There is an old but common method called orthodontics and a new method called Invisalign. Today, we will explain these methods.

How to Treat Irregular Teeth?


As mentioned earlier, orthodontics is somehow a kind of traditional treatment to straighten irregular, crooked teeth. In this method, a set of braces are made and fixed or attached to the patient’s teeth to move the teeth and straighten them. These braces are visible, and the patient should wear them the whole day for about two years. Of course, it should be noted that during this period, the patient will have regular visits with his dentist to be assessed thoroughly, and probably, some changes will happen to the treatment plan. Those who go for orthodontics usually say they feel discomfort and pain at first, but this problem will disappear after a while. In other words, the patient will get used to eating, chewing, and speaking with the attached braces and wires on their teeth. 

In addition, the orthodontist will consult you about the best ways of getting along with the braces. There is a special toothbrush for those wearing orthodontics to help them brush their teeth correctly.


The second type, Invisalign, is a state-of-the-art treatment to treat irregular teeth. It can be said that this method is the same as orthodontics, with some slight differences. The first and most important difference is that there are no visible aligners on your teeth. There are just a set of clear, transparent aligners that you should wear to straighten the crooked, irregular teeth. Like orthodontics, you are highly suggested to wear this Invisalign all the time and tolerate the difficulties and troubles accompanied by them. It is usually said that the time of wearing Invisalign is shorter than in orthodontics. Same as orthodontics, there are some caring tips with Invisalign that the dentist will talk to you about. Besides, you will have some regular appointments with your dentist to be checked precisely every time. 

For both cosmetic dental treatments, you can visit the dentist anytime you have any difficulties. 

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