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Invisalign: What Kind of Oral Issues Can It Fix?

Thanks to the huge advancements in dentistry, there are many new options you can choose to enhance your smile appearance. You can find a solution to almost every problem and keep your smile flawless all the time. For your information, having a perfect smile impacts the difference in one’s life and can improve social interactions by increasing self-confidence. Here at Elmwood Park Dental, we examine your oral condition and guide you through the best options to enhance your smile aesthetics. One of these options is Invisalign, which is becoming more and more popular these days. It’s a modern method of orthodontics used to address some dental issues like tooth misalignment, crowding, etc.

You can visit our professionals for the best Invisalign services in Toronto and level up your smile! After consulting our experts, we believe it may be the ideal orthodontic treatment for your needs. However, you need some basic information first to understand which problems can be addressed by this procedure. Today’s blog explains which conditions can be fixed by this treatment and whether it suits you.

How to Treat Irregular Teeth?

Your Teeth Aren’t Placed Together Naturally.

Sometimes, your upper and lower teeth may not fit together, leading to issues like overbite, underbite, pain around the jaw, and other oral health issues. In such cases, you can choose Invisalign to correct these problems and make your teeth and also bite completely fit and even. It’s highly recommended that you visit our experienced orthodontists in Toronto to understand how this procedure can benefit you. They design customized aligners to put adequate pressure on some specific areas in order to address this problem ideally.

Your Gums Aren’t Healthy.

You may be surprised to understand how tooth misalignment can affect your gum’s health as well. You may experience problems like gum disease, recession, or inflammation all because of your crooked teeth.

Our clinic has the most experienced periodontists, offering treatments for inflamed, infected, or bleeding gums in Toronto to preserve your oral health. After receiving proper care, you can request an Invisalign to move your teeth into optimal positions. As our Toronto emergency specialists recommend, it’s easier to maintain straight teeth, and the risk of dental emergencies will be significantly reduced.

Your Teeth Are Overcrowded.

It happens when your mouth doesn’t have enough space to hold all your erupted teeth. It can be genetics or other incidents that result in dental overcrowding. For instance, wisdom tooth growth is one of the causes of this problem if you don’t visit a professional for removal. Fortunately, our experts can provide you with the best wisdom tooth services in Toronto to prevent such problems and keep your smile flawless. Generally speaking, you can use Invisalign to fix your crooked teeth and achieve a more harmonious smile.

You Feel Pain Around Your Jaw.

Overcrowded teeth can cause aches and discomfort around the jaw. If it’s possible, your orthodontist can address this issue with Invisalign treatment and make your jaw perfectly aligned. Otherwise, you may need to visit our Toronto oral surgeons to fix this issue through surgical procedures.

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