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Orthodontics is the practice of using dental appliances, such as braces, to correct misaligned teeth and jaws. It is important to be comfortable and confident in your choice of dentist and clinic for these procedures as they will take months, or in some cases years, to complete, and there will be ongoing appointments for adjustments and to ensure progress is made. Give us a call to book an appointment with the top orthodontist in Toronto.

Frequent concerns treated with orthodontics

The most frequent concerns treated with orthodontics are misaligned teeth, misaligned jaw, and teeth that grow in incorrectly. Braces and other dental appliances are used to move the teeth into the correct position slowly or to help the jaw remain in the correct position. This can reduce pain, ensure there is enough room for all teeth, and help ensure ongoing dental health. In more extreme cases, jaw surgery may be required to align the upper and lower jaw correctly. It is most certainly easier to correct teeth framework as early as childhood when teeth might not be fully grown. Call us if you have any of the mentioned issues.

Wisdom Tooth Infection

Dental health concerns can affect whole body health, so it is important to care for dental health not only by cleaning and flossing, but also by ensuring that teeth are lined up for proper chewing and that the jaw is aligned correctly. When these things are not correct, there can be headaches, jaw pain, trouble chewing, and teeth growing in the wrong places, more teeth cavities, can also affect appearance and confidence. Having these corrected with orthodontics can help to ensure there is room for all adult teeth, that no teeth become impacted and reduce both cavities and infections, reduce pain in the jaw and head, and improve confidence throughout life. You can call our emergency dental clinic any time for more information.

The most common appliances used include braces and retainers. While braces can assist in slowly moving teeth into the proper places and ensure they are facing the right direction, without proper follow up teeth may move back to their original position over time. Braces have traditionally been metal frames applied to the teeth with bond and use elastics to change the position of the teeth, but more often clear liners are being used. For this reason it can take months to slowly get teeth in the proper position, and years to keep them there. Braces will need to be adjusted every few weeks, and a retainer will be used either consistently both day and night being removed only for eating and brushing, or just overnight to maintain the work that has been accomplished. In some more exceptional cases, headgear may be used to help align the jaw correctly in conjunction with braces that will be helping to align the teeth correctly. It may be necessary to remove teeth to create enough space for the new teeth or to reduce crowding and make enough room for the other teeth to be adjusted.

Due to the time frame needed for treatments to be successful and the number of visits for adjustments as well as the follow up and maintenance, it is necessary to be comfortable with both the dental clinic as well as the dentist themselves. For the most advanced equipment and a welcoming atmosphere, Dr. Andre Hughes and his well trained team may be the right fit for you. Dr. Hughes has many years of experience in Orthodontics treatment in Toronto and is ready to welcome you and make you comfortable during your appointment. You can book your appointment at (647) 363-7764.

Orthodontics Toronto

Your beautiful smile is our ultimate aim. If you want to enhance your smile with the best orthodontist Toronto, you are in the right place. Our North Toronto orthodontists help you reach your goal of an ideal smile. We provide orthodontic services to children, teens, and adults in Toronto and the surrounding area. Nowadays, many orthodontic patients are adults. If you want to straighten your teeth, please contact us to make an appointment with our qualified and affordable orthodontist Toronto.

Our experienced and professional team believes that it is essential to select the right type of orthodontic treatment that fits your lifestyle. The most common types of orthodontic treatment are braces in which the teeth are pulled into the correct alignment gradually.

There are different types of orthodontic braces, including metal braces, self-ligating braces, lingual braces, and clear braces. There is no age limit to get orthodontic braces. It depends on an individual’s needs. However, early treatment prevents future problems, so it is better to get braces before losing the milk teeth, around the age of six to seven.

We are specialized in orthodontics. Elmwood Park Dental offers state-of-the-art dental care in a relaxed, well equipped, and modern environment. Our north Toronto orthodontists are committed to be the leader in orthodontic dental treatment by employing modern technologies and offering the best orthodontic treatment. Give us a call to book an appointment with the top orthodontist Toronto.


Achieve a perfectly aligned smile with our expert orthodontist services

Advantages of Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment Toronto can be life-changing. Studies have shown that people with healthy and beautiful smiles are more likely to be trusted, get promoted, and find success in the workplace. Fortunately, orthodontic treatment corrects your crowded and crooked teeth so you can enjoy a straighter smile.

After treatment with orthodontic braces, Invisalign, retainer, or wired orthodontics Toronto, you will experience some benefits. There are many advantages of orthodontic dental treatment and here we mention some of them:

– Improving oral health
– Facilitating oral hygiene
– Finding a comfortable bite
– Protecting the teeth
– Improving functionality
– Living without discomfort

– Reducing the risk of tooth decay and other problems that can be caused by misalignment

There are some psychological benefits of orthodontic treatment. A person’s appearance can influence his/her life in many ways. Self-confidence begins with physical appearance. The first thing a person notices is your smile. Therefore, after orthodontic treatment, you will feel more confident, which contributes to your overall happiness and self-acceptance.

The most common reason to seek city orthodontics Toronto is to straighten the teeth. The other reasons are to correct an overbite and improve the chewing skills. If you require consultation or you have crooked and misaligned teeth, we have you covered. Our North Toronto orthodontists help you find a treatment that improves your confidence and gives you a healthy-looking smile.

You will be proud to show your glorious smile to the world. To learn more about orthodontic dentistry and our orthodontist Toronto prices, please call at (647) 363-7764 today.

FAQ part Provided by our Specialized Orthodontist

Usually, individuals who choose to enhance the appearance and function of their overcrowded teeth through orthodontic treatments in Toronto prefer to gain a deeper understanding to ensure they are making the right decision. In the following part, we offer answers to our patients’ most frequently asked questions just before they commence their necessary orthodontic procedure.

How Long Does It Take to Achieve Desired Orthodontic Outcomes?

As our specialized orthodontist in Toronto explains, the exact time required to achieve the best orthodontic results may vary due to numerous reasons:

  • The severity of your teeth crowding
  • The type of orthodontic treatment you choose
  • Individual patient response to treatmen

Minor misalignments can be addressed relatively quickly, from six months to a year. However, more complex cases involving severe overcrowding or bite issues may require longer treatment durations, extending from two to three years or beyond.


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