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Do your children suffer from anxiety during dental treatment? We aim to provide your children with a comfortable and high-quality service to relax them during their dental procedure. Our Toronto pediatric dentist, Dr. Nilava Ghatak, is your best option to ensure the oral health of your children. Call us today to book an appointment.

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Pediatric Dentistry FAQ

A lifetime perfect smile begins at childhood and with a commitment to oral hygiene at this duration of time. Our pediatric dentist in Toronto strives to keep parents informed about their children’s oral health. We ensure that you will receive top-quality pediatric dentistry services in Toronto by coming to Elmwood Park Dental. To gain a better understanding of your little hero’s oral health, you can have a glance at the FAQs below:

Pediatric dentists are trained specifically to meet the dental needs of children. Your child feels welcomed and encouraged to learn essential oral hygiene habits at a pediatric dentist’s office. They require dental treatments to be done more gently. We have frequently experienced that kids can easily overcome their fear of a dental clinic by visiting our caring pediatric dentist in downtown Toronto.

We all know that children are perceptive and sensitive. As a result, they would better not realize any feeling of fear in you about a dental visit. Try to avoid using negative descriptions for dentists and dental clinics in front of them. Besides, you can bring your child to our dental office so that he/she can get familiar with our Toronto pediatric dentist prior to your initial appointment. This allows them to recognize the dental office as a welcoming and stress-free place. Above all, playing pretend dentist with your children at home is best to prepare them for a pediatric dental visit.

Our pediatric dentist in Toronto will complete a thorough exam of your child’s oral health state at the first visit. If there isn’t any underlying dental problem, we will educate your child on maintaining excellent oral health by following some simple instructions. Regular pediatric dental visits will keep the oral health issues at bay for many years to come. Elmwood Park Dental emergency pediatric dentist in Toronto is also ready to deliver urgent dental care to your children if required.

Our Toronto pediatric dentist does not recommend fluoridated toothpaste for children before the age of 3. A soft-bristle toothbrush and pure water are the best to clean their baby teeth earlier than that. After age three, your child can use a pea-sized amount of special toothpaste when brushing.

Foods that contain carbohydrates (starches and sugar) are the main reason for tooth decay among children. Bacteria that live in the mouth feed on the food particles stuck between your children’s teeth, causing tooth decay at an early age. That’s why we should teach our children always to take their oral health care seriously. You can always benefit from our services of pediatric dentistry in Toronto and prevent tooth decay and any other dental issue for your beloved children.

Children’s milk teeth grow at six months of age. At six to seven years old, milk teeth are replaced with permanent teeth. Poor oral hygiene of children can damage their teeth and remain throughout their lifetime. Nowadays, children’s tooth decay is five times higher than asthma.

Visiting a children’s dental clinic should be performed in the first year of your child’s birth. However, regular visiting should start between six to twelve months of age. Children with healthy teeth can eat and grow up better and speak more confidently due to their beautiful smiles. We strive to help your children with protecting their teeth and achieving the smile they deserve.

About Our Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Nilava Ghatak

Dr. Nilava Ghatak


Child Dental Specialist

Although Dr. Ghatak was born and raised in Toronto, he did spend 8 of his early years in India. He obtained in BSc in Mathematics from York University. After finishing dental school (at the University of Toronto), Dr. Ghatak did a residency (in Advanced Education in General Dentistry) at Temple Univeristy in Philadelphia. Subsequently, he worked in Toronto for 4 years as a general practitioner before returning to school. In 2014, Dr. Ghatak completed a pediatric dental residency at Boston University. He has since practiced in the GTA as a pediatric dentist. Travelling, fitness and nutrition are various interests of Dr. Ghatak. At home, he relaxes by watching various online content regarding technology, travel and theoretical physics.

What Do We Do?

Dr. Nilava Ghatak and his certified team are proud to offer you pediatric dentistry services and provide your children with the positive relationship that they deserve. Our professional team focuses on preventive care and develops a treatment plan that ensures optimal results for healthy teeth.

If your children have regular visits to Dr. Nilava Ghatak from an early age, the treatment of tooth decay and gum disease will be diagnosed and treated quickly, and further dental issues will be prevented. He can determine an accurate diagnosis and provide your children with proper pediatric treatment. For more information about kids’ dental care at Elmwood Park Dental, call us today.

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Dr. Nilava Ghatak and his team have received extensive training to ensure your children will leave our office happy. We offer modern pediatric dentistry services in a comfortable, relaxing, and well-equipped environment as we aim to protect the milk teeth and prevent their decay. Submit your request for your consultation today.

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Pediatric Dental Services

At our dental clinic in Toronto, we offer several different types of pediatric dentistry, such as dentistry under anesthesia, stainless steel crowns, filling with tooth-colored materials, cleaning the teeth, tooth extraction, endodontic therapy for milk teeth, crowns for milk teeth, fluoride therapy, and preventative orthodontics. The other services are an infant’s oral health tests and diagnosing diseases like diabetes, heart disorders, hay fever, and hyperactivity disorders.

Elmwood Park Dental in Toronto offers advanced techniques in diagnosing and treating your children’s dental problems. We have highly qualified pediatric dentists. Our professional team studies the latest technologies in pediatric dentistry to meet your children’s dental needs and offer your children the best dental treatment. Contact us today to learn more about your child’s dental care or schedule an appointment.

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