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Surgery, Advantages and Risks of Dental Implants

A dental implant is a way to insert a replacement tooth in the event of tooth loss. As it requires a surgery to begin the process it is not a small decision, but many report that it hurts no more then a tooth removal. There is a healing process and an ongoing care with regular dental appointments, but the majority of dental implants are successful and can last a life time.

To create a dental implant there is a mold taken of the teeth and used to create the shape and size of the new tooth. A titanium post is inserted into the hole from the missing tooth, directly into the bone where the tooth was rooted. When it heals the post will be grown into the bone itself and remain stable. A temporary cover may be created to assist in the bone healing and it will be frequently checked to be sure it is healed and stable before the next step can be completed. A crown is then used to cover the post and functions as a tooth would. The advantages of this solution for tooth loss is that it will not move when chewing, the regular care is the same as that of original teeth, and they can last a lifetime if cared for with regular dental care and dentist appointments. They are created to appear like the remaining teeth and as they blend it can return some confidence to the wearer, and they can return to normal activities quickly and easily.
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As with any surgery there is a risk of infection. Extra attention should be paid to properly brushing and flossing, and during the healing process the area should be kept clean and not irritated. Once the crown has been put in place the rates of infections drop drastically. There is a possibility of a crack forming in the crown which may lead to a replacement of the crown while the implanted post should remain stable. Possible risks include damage to the nerves surrounding the implant site or deterioration of the bone, which can be risk factors even without an implant present, as bone loss is one of the more common reasons for tooth loss. Antibiotics and mouth rinses may be used after each step of the procedure as needed to control the risk of pain and infection.

Dental implants can be a great choice for many who suffer tooth loss but prefer not to use dentures as a permanent fixture. An implant can be easier to care for as it is taken care of as a normal tooth would be, and they are stable enough to last a lifetime. Although they may not be covered by all insurance plans some medical insurance may cover the expense, it is important to discuss with the dentist and insurance company in each situation. While there is a chance of infection it an often be managed by the use of antibiotics, mouth rinses, and regular dental care. A dental implant is a safe and effective option for the replacement of a lost tooth, or even several lost teeth.

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