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FAQ about Wisdom Teeth



What to Expect When You Get Your Wisdom Teeth Out?

Like the appendix, the wisdom teeth are in the mouth while there is no reason for them. Sometimes they cause problems and discomfort for you. That is why most of the emergency dentists recommend removing your wisdom teeth, even if they do not have any pain and discomfort. 


What is Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars at the back of your mouth, two on the lower jaw, and two on the upper jaw, which do not have any role in chewing. They come through the gum in the late teens or early twentieth. Some people may not have wisdom teeth. 

Usually, there is not enough room for their eruption, so they put pressure on your natural healthy teeth, and as a result, the wisdom teeth will be impacted. The impacted wisdom tooth can cause problems, including pain, damage to the adjacent healthy teeth and bones, cysts, and so on. 


What are the Symptoms of the Wisdom Teeth?

Since the wisdom teeth are at the back of the mouth, brushing and flossing are hard. Therefore, there is a high risk of gum disease or periodontitis. The symptoms of periodontitis are bleeding gums, pain, bad breath, and swollen gums.

Besides, in some cases, the wisdom tooth is infected. If your wisdom tooth is infected, there is no way except for its extraction. To avoid such painful complications, visit the emergency dentist as soon as you can. 


How the Emergency Dentist Removes Your Wisdom Tooth?

When you refer to the emergency dental clinic to remove your wisdom tooth, first, the staff takes an X-ray to evaluate your wisdom tooth, its position, its room, and more. Depending on your dental condition, the emergency dentist decides to remove your wisdom tooth during the extracting or surgery process. The emergency dentist numbs the desired area with the use of local anesthesia. Sometimes general anesthesia or sedation is used to make you relax during the removing process. 


What to Expect After Wisdom Tooth Removal?

On the first day, you may have some complications of wisdom teeth removal. In this case, you should follow the following guidelines:

– After consultation with the emergency dentist, you can take painkillers. 

– You can place a cold pack on your face to reduce swelling.

– Hold the gauze on the missing tooth area. You can remove it gently after one hour. If bleeding is uncontrolled, call the emergency dentist.

– You are not allowed to rinse your mouth vigorously or brush your teeth in the first day. 

– Exercising is forbidden on the first day. 

– Please, avoid smoking for at least five days. 


The extraction of wisdom teeth is a safe procedure if you refer to a reliable dental clinic, which offers the latest technology.

 Here at Dental Clinic Toronto, we offer you the best dental treatment for your wisdom teeth at a warm and friendly clinic. Before deciding on wisdom tooth removal, you should consult with the emergency dentist and schedule an appointment. 

Emergency Dentist in Toronto- What You Need to Know?

Emergency Dentist in Toronto

Emergencies can arise anytime and anywhere. This is especially in case of dental emergencies, and so keeping in mind the growing need, dentistry introduced another facility to meet the emergency needs of patients called emergency dentistry. No matter the type of oral health emergency you are facing, an emergency dentist in Toronto can very well deal with the problem and provide you with the treatment as soon as you reach for their help. Moreover, emergency dental clinics in Toronto are open day and night to make sure the patients receive timely help.

In case you don’t know about Emergency Dentist Hero, check out all the details about their services. 

Why Visit an Emergency Dentist? 

  • In the case of a dental accident 

Any kind of dental accident requires immediate help from an emergency dentist in Toronto. For instance, you might have lost teeth, or your gums might be bleeding. Any such emergency, when ignored, can lead to a tragic end and can damage the nerves. Therefore, as soon as a dental emergency arises, it is better to visit a good emergency dental clinic in Toronto. 

  • Partially dislodged tooth 

You need to visit an emergency dentist-Toronto immediately when you have partially dislodged your tooth. This is because your misplaced tooth won’t get back in place on its own. A dentist using his skills and expertise will place the tooth in place and help you get relief from the extreme pain.

In addition to this, any dental issue requiring immediate help must be taken to an emergency dentist Toronto clinic. 

Benefits of Emergency Dentist

Similar to the other facilities, an emergency dentist in Toronto offers several benefits to their patients. Here check out some of them.

  • No appointment hassles 

The biggest benefit of visiting an emergency dental clinic in Toronto is you need not have to make an appointment first. The instance you visit the clinic, you will be rushed to the emergency room to provide the right treatment for your dental problem. 

  • No reduction in dentist efficiency 

An emergency dentist-Toronto, just like a general dentist, will keep up the level of efficiency. There is no discrimination in an emergency dental clinic in Toronto. In case you need urgent tooth removal, the dentist will be by your side to carry out the procedure. 

  • Cost-effective relief from pain 

Visiting an emergency dentist in Toronto is a cost-effective way of getting relief from dental pain. The instance you get into the clinic, the dentist will look after the issue and provide you with an adequate solution to help you get relief from the pain instantly. The best part about the services is the charges are not too high.

Most people avoid visiting an emergency dentist thinking of high charges, but it’s just the opposite. In fact, there are many insurance plans which can cover your cost. And so, visiting an emergency dentist in Toronto is the choice you need to make. 

Myths About Emergency Dentists 

You will get many advantages by visiting an emergency dental clinic in Toronto, but some misconceptions follow the advantages. Check out the most common myths people believe and thus avoid their visit to an emergency dentist. 

  • Dentist cannot provide comfort 

Emergency dentist services do not mean the comfort of the patient will be compromised in any way. Like a regular dentist, the emergency dentist will help you with your anxiety before proceeding with the treatment. Therefore you must understand that urgent Dental care means instant treatment but not compromised treatment in any way. 

  •  Partially dislodged teeth will heal itself 

People generally think that the partially dislodged teeth will get back in their place itself, but it is far from reality. Such cases require immediate emergency dental treatment as the infection can make their way deep into the nerves and make it more complicated. 

  • Every toothache is not a dental emergency 

People sometimes misinterpret the dental ache they are suffering from. They consider visiting the emergency dental clinic in Toronto for even the slightest pain in the teeth or gum. But you must know not every toothache is an emergency. There are cases when you can control the pain for some time. Emergency dental is only for the unbearable and extreme level of pain. 

  • An hour will not make the emergency worse 

Emergency situations do not think about the time before coming. Therefore instead of waiting for a general dentist clinic to open, it is better to visit an emergency dental clinic in Toronto and get the treatment. But there is a misconception that dental emergencies can be tolerated for some time. However, it is not true. Dental emergencies require immediate attention from a good emergency dentist in Toronto.

 Get the best emergency Dental Services with Elmwood Park Dental

 Visiting an emergency Dental Clinic can offer you the immediate attention and care you need. Moreover, as there is no problem with appointments, you can get appropriate treatments just like a general dentistry clinic. Elmwood Park Dental has a team of certified professionals who can offer you the best help with your dental emergencies. No matter the day or time you visit our clinic, our dentists are well equipped to help you with your emergency. Moreover, we have various insurance plans that can cover the cost of treatment with our professionals.

For further inquiries about our Emergency Dental Services, feel free to visit us.