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The FAQs about A Broken Tooth

Tooth fractures are due to severe blows, such as those that occur in car accidents or sports events, or due to dental problems such as large cavities or fillings. It is undeniable that facing a broken tooth is one of the bummer experiences for everyone, but in the case of seeing a dentist on time, it can be saved and prevent further problems. Of course, it should be noted that saving a broken tooth highly depends on finding a dedicated and experienced dental specialist. At Elmwood Park Dental, our dental group are the ones you can trust in Vancouver to accommodate you for a suitable treatment of a broken tooth. Those who refer to us often ask some frequent questions about their broken tooth and the needed actions in this regard. So we decided to answer some of these questions in this article.

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How Can Braking a Tooth Happen?

There is a strong part in our teeth, called enamel which is almost known as the outermost layer. But even this hard part can be hurt. While you are playing and suddenly fall or have an awful car accident, you will probably face a fracture in your tooth (teeth). Besides, if you are used to doing unusual actions with your teeth, such as chewing hard food or ice and opening a water bottle, breaking your strong teeth is not unexpected.

In case you have a cracked tooth, your teeth are weaker and more vulnerable. So, they can be broken faster, even while eating apples or candies.

Why Is a Broken Tooth Considered an Emergency Case?

As mentioned earlier, a broken tooth should be addressed pronto; otherwise, it may lead to further complicated dental issues, and even you may face losing your teeth. But the question is how it will happen? The answer is pretty simple. When there is a fracture in your mouth, food particles can easily get stuck in the area, and with the passage of time, bacteria will progress. The next stage is facing a severe tooth infection happened due to the existence of the bacteria. Even at this stage, you can refer to an emergency dental clinic to control your infection through treatments such as root canal therapy. But if not get the treatment on time, your tooth will be lost. Then the only solution will be to go through dental implants to replace your lost tooth.

What Are the Signs or Symptoms?

Although having a fracture in your teeth may not get along with any pain or discomfort, there are some indicating signs. The most significant one is observing a fracture or a sharp tooth in your mouth. Besides, if you feel severe pain while eating or drinking something too cold or too hard, swelling in your face, cheeks, or gums, or if you observe blooding in your mouth, you should not hesitate to visit an emergency dental specialist as fast as possible.

The Last Word

If you are a Toronto resident, do not ignore your dental issues, especially if they are considered emergency ones. The experienced team at Elmwood Park Dental is always available to meet your needs.

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