The Misconceptions about Root Canal Therapy

The word endodontics is powerful enough to make us freaked out. Root canal therapy is one of the typical dental procedures that force a vast number of patients to head to dental clinics. However, many people may delay their treatment just because of the strong sense of fear. There are some myths about endodontics that make us scared and not willing to seek immediate treatment. For instance, we think root canal therapy is associated with severe dental pain and causes lots of complications afterward. But the fact is that root canal therapy can be a painless dental procedure, especially when performed by a professional endodontist, such as those serving at Elmwood Park Dental. Our top endodontists in Toronto restore the health and look of your teeth through a perfect root canal procedure. Now, let glance at some of the misconceptions about root canal therapy.

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Is Root Canal Therapy Really Painful?

The simple answer to such a question is NO! Our Toronto endodontists utilize local anesthesia and numb the area around your damaged or decayed tooth. You won’t feel any pain during the root canal procedure unless the anesthesia does not work on your teeth and gum tissue. In this case, your endodontist may decide to get help from other methods to make the treatment not painful for you. A slight touch of dental pain after root canal therapy is totally normal. Still, you can manage the pain after treatment by prescribed painkillers and a cold compress.

Is Root Canal therapy an expensive procedure?

We cannot say another firm NO in response to this question, but root canal therapy is not among the expensive dental procedures. Although the cost of endodontics depends on a variety of factors, it is still affordable. The factors such as your dental clinic, the quality of material, and whether you need a dental crown, impact the cost of root canal therapy. Besides, the insurance usually covers the cost of root canal therapy in most regions.

Is Root Canal Therapy a Risky Procedure?

Endodontics primarily aims to save your natural tooth. Sometimes a tooth is decayed, damaged, or infected to the extent that only a professional root canal therapy can preserve it. Without root canal therapy, you probably lose your natural tooth and have to seek replacement options such as dental implants and dentures. As a result, root canal therapy is sometimes inevitable, and in most cases, the treatment is successful.

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Is Root Canal Therapy Necessary?

Many patients think that root canal therapy is unnecessary as long as they don’t feel any pain in their teeth. However, your dentist can understand how crucial root canal therapy is for preserving your natural tooth. There may be no sign of decay and infection, but the necessity for root canal treatment is diagnosed during a dental checkup. Immediate root canal treatment will prevent the need for emergency dental procedures.

Is Root Canal Therapy a Time-Consuming Dental Procedure?

Root canal therapy, if not face any unexpected problem, requires a single dental session. However, you may need a second visit depending on your oral health condition ad whether you need a dental crown to be replaced.

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