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Tooth Infection: What Are the Causes and Treatments?

A tooth’s pain can be more than a discomfort. Feeling pain in your mouth can sometimes indicate more serious problems that should be managed by a professional quickly. Unfortunately, many don’t take these signs seriously until it gets too late, and they may even lose one or more natural teeth. It’s very important to know some common signs of severe dental problems so you can preserve your shiny smile and protect it at all costs. You can also visit our experts at Elmwood Park Dental to learn more about these symptoms and minimize their risks. One of the most damaging issues an individual can ever face is tooth infection. It’s so distressing and can disturb all your everyday routines in your life. Understanding the reason for dental infection is vital for your dentist in order to discover the most suitable treatment plan according to your needs. Without knowing about the underlying cause, they shouldn’t start any kind of dental procedure. Continue reading this blog to know more about the causes and treatments of dental infection.

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Periodontal Disease: One of the primary reasons for infection in the mouth is gum disease. They can show themselves with specific signs like bleeding gums, swollen soft tissues, bad taste, bad breath, etc. Typically, people with poor hygiene experience periodontal issues because not cleaning their teeth and gums can build up bacteria. It makes a suitable condition for tooth infection to occur.
Weak Immune System: Generally speaking, people with weak immune systems are more prone and vulnerable to dental emergencies and other oral health issues. They are more likely to experience dental infection because their body can’t combat oral bacteria as effectively as it should.
Tooth Decay: If you don’t visit a professional to address cavities with proper treatment, it can spread and cause periodontal disease. That’s why you should visit your emergency expert as soon as you notice any signs of decay.
Dental Trauma: When you experience an impact on your face, your tooth may get loose, cracked, or even knocked out. It uncovers the inner coatings of the tooth and increases the risk of infection. You need to seek urgent dental services immediately to prevent further complications after a dental trauma.
Drainage: Sometimes, dental abscesses can occur as a result of infection. Therefore, your professional may suggest draining the abscess in order to heal the infection and stop it from spreading.
Root Canal: Another option you have is root canal therapy, especially when the tooth pulp is infected too. During this procedure, the infected part of the pulp will be removed, carefully cleaned, and finally sealed.
Tooth Extraction: The last thing you can do about an infected tooth that couldn’t be saved is to extract it. When your dentist removes the tooth, they can refer you to our reliable Toronto implant dentists to replace it. However, you have other options available, like partial dentures, if you don’t want to get titanium implants.
If you want to prevent dental infection, visit our experts for helpful tips!


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