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Various Types of Dental Emergencies

Everyone knows that instant aid and urgent dental care are a must when it comes to a dental emergency. In some emergency cases, the patient can’t even wait some hours for the emergency dentist visit to come. Dental emergencies strike anywhere and anytime, holiday or weekend, midnight or midday, and may get more critical and annoying as every minute passes. This explains why dealing with a dental emergency may seem complicated and frightening to some patients. However, Elmwood Park Dental takes pride in serving the Toronto residents with urgent dental care of the utmost quality. We aim to minimize the waiting time for patients suffering from a dental emergency as much as possible and provide the emergency dental care you deserve.

Dental Emergencies Elmwood Park Dental

Dental Emergencies and Suitable Treatments for Them 

There are several types of dental emergencies with different levels of severity that require a quick visit to an emergency dentist. Here we will explain the most prevalent dental emergencies and the immediate treatment compatible with them.

Intense Toothache 

Dental pain, especially when it is sharp, persistent, and continues for a few days, is the primary indicator for a wide variety of dental emergencies such as tooth abscess. The underlying cause of a severe toothache should be diagnosed since it determines whether you need emergency dental care or not. In some more complicated cases, the toothache is unbearable in a way that no over-the-counter painkiller is effective to soothe the pain. Several emergency treatment options are available, and the emergency dentist decides which works best for your dental problem.

Broken or Chipped Tooth 

A broken or chipped tooth may occur for several reasons, such as biting down on a hard object or an accident. Severe tooth decay is also one of the leading causes of a broken tooth. Regardless of the reason, you would better get emergency cracked tooth repair before it’s too late to save the tooth.

A Knocked Tooth 

A knocked-out tooth is one of those dental emergencies that require immediate dental care, or the chances of saving your tooth decrease significantly. As a result, emergency dental clinics provide after-hours or same-day emergency dental treatments so that the patients don’t have to wait a long time to visit an emergency dentist. In a dental emergency, you should reach an emergency dental clinic within half to an hour.
A Knocked Tooth

If the emergency dentist cannot save your knocked tooth, dental implants are suitable to replace it. Generally speaking, our emergency dental clinic in Toronto offers same-day tooth replacement treatments to bring your suffering from missing teeth to an end as soon as possible.

Tooth Infection 

Tooth infection, like other dental emergencies, requires urgent dental care unless it will spread to other parts of your oral tissue or even throughout your body. An infected tooth can gradually become life-threatening, so you should never underestimate the proper and immediate emergency treatment.

Emergency Dental Clinic in Toronto 

Elmwood Park emergency dental clinic in Toronto is proud to help those struggling with a dental emergency by providing the best emergency dental services. Our emergency dentists believe all our patients deserve professional emergency dental care and try their best to meet this goal. Booking an appointment for patients experiencing a dental emergency is not required.

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