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What Are the Most Common Dental Problems in Children?

As a parent, your child’s health is one of your important priorities, and you are responsible for it. It makes all parents happy and satisfied to watch their children smiling and playing joyfully. Therefore, learning the best ways of caring for your child to protect their shiny smiles forever is important. One of the important steps you need to take is paying attention to your child’s oral health. For this purpose, consulting with an experienced pediatric dentist is necessary to gain all needed information from a trustworthy source. Many worried parents visit our pediatric dentists at Elmwood Park Dental to have their children’s oral health checked and prevent possible further problems. It may be surprising to know how pediatric dental problems affect your one’s oral health in adulthood. Furthermore, children’s teeth are still growing, which is a sensitive stage with a higher risk of facing developing issues. That’s why having regular checkups with a pediatric dental specialist is important to teach your child the correct oral hygiene methods and prevent and treat problems in the early stages. Today’s blog lists the most common dental problems in children to educate you as a parent so you can protect your child’s beautiful smile.

Bad breath: Bad breath is usually normal when you wake up, but it can be really irritating when it continues throughout the day. It’s a common problem in children, which is caused by bacteria accumulation in the mouth. There are many reasons explaining bacteria buildup, including dental infection, poor oral hygiene, high sugar consumption, gum disease, dry mouth, etc. A pediatric dentist can teach your child effective and good dental hygiene to prevent halitosis.

Thumb sucking: Although it’s normal for newborns to suck their thumbs, it can be a damaging habit when your child is older than 5 years old. Thumb sucking in children over the age of 5 can disturb a child’s oral development and damage baby and permanent teeth. According to professional orthodontists, thumb sucking is one of the main causes of tooth misalignment in children. It can even make your child’s jaw misaligned, which may require dental surgery to get fixed. You can discuss with your pediatric dentist how to curb this habit.

Teeth grinding: One of the most common habits of children is teeth grinding, especially when they are asleep. Tooth misalignment, stress, or pain response are common causes of teeth grinding, which should be solved under the supervision of an experienced pediatric dentist. Continuous teeth grinding can damage your child’s oral health and cause dental cracks on your teeth.

Tooth decay: It’s the most common dental emergency in children because they are significantly interested in eating sweets and don’t maintain good oral hygiene. If your child feels severe pain in the mouth because of a decayed tooth, you can bring them to a pediatric or emergency dentist to receive the needed dental care services. Then the dentist can choose procedures like dental fillings or root canal therapy based on the severity of the problem.

Our pediatric dentists offer the highest quality of services for your child. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment now!


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