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When to Stop Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment?

These days, teeth whitening treatment is one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures to boost your smile. Most successful people usually have gorgeous shiny smiles, making them confident enough to socialize with others and have a great first impression. However, your teeth may be discolored for different reasons, including aging, particular medications, drinks, smoking, etc. Stained and yellowed teeth bring you an unpleasant smile that can lower your self-confidence and make you shy when laughing or talking to others. Fortunately, professional teeth whitening treatment provides people with discolored teeth a great chance to restore the shine of their smiles. Our experienced cosmetic dentists at Elmwood Park Dental are ready to offer the patient the best whitening services to give them a dreamy smile just like they want. Teeth whitening treatment has gone leaps and bounds ahead since it was first developed, and it’s offered in different methods for a variety of needs. Unfortunately, many tend to overdo this treatment as they believe they will get the most out of it. Overdoing professional teeth whitening treatment can lead to severe dental damage and trauma you don’t want to experience. In today’s blog, we list common signs that you are going too far with teeth whitening.

The Edge of Your Teeth Is Discolored.

Over-whitening your teeth can change their edge, which is a meaningful sign. Unfortunately, this discoloration is usually irreversible, and you must consider other cosmetic dental procedures like crowns or veneers.

You Feel Your Gums Are Swollen.

If your gums are swollen or you experience persistent gum bleeding, you need to stop whitening your teeth. Some teeth whitening methods are harsh or extensive that can lead to dental emergencies, including gum injury or periodontal disease.

Your Teeth Are Becoming Translucent.

Although white teeth can seem so dreamy, nobody wants to have translucent teeth. Such conditions result from over-bleaching your teeth which is why you must stop what you are doing and check if your teeth are damaged. In such cases, cracked teeth are one of the possible dental problems to happen as your teeth are weaker than usual.

Tooth Sensitivity Is Expected.

Whitening your teeth too much can cause problems like tooth sensitivity. It can cause a lot of pain and discomfort when you consume any food and drinks that are particularly hot or cold. Visiting an emergency dentist is recommended before your condition worsens, as they are experienced enough to relieve your pain and repair your damaged teeth.

Your Tooth Enamel Is Eroded.

The enamel is the most crucial protective part of your tooth, giving it structure. Over-whitening your teeth can make the enamel eroded and vulnerable. A damaged enamel can’t provide the necessary protection for your tooth, leading to problems like dental infection, dental abscess, etc.

You Don’t Feel Comfortable in Your Mouth.

Feeling pain during professional teeth whitening isn’t normal. Stop the procedure as soon as you feel any pain and discomfort.

Try to protect your smile as much as possible and avoid anything that can put your oral health in danger. Furthermore, visiting your dentist can help keep your smile shiny and beautiful!

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