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Wisdom Teeth: 5 Complications of Not Removing Them

You may have heard from others how wisdom tooth eruption is painful and disturbing. Their third moral isn’t popular at all since they usually can’t come in properly and become impacted. The time of this incident is between 17 and 25 years of age, and most have two of them on the top and two on the bottom. Sometimes, their eruption is smooth and causes no discomfort, but it’s not true in most cases. They tend to make your other teeth misaligned and lead to other oral wellness issues threatening your lovely smile.

That’s why our dentists at Elmwood Park Dental provide the best wisdom tooth extraction services so more people can preserve their smiles. Unfortunately, some patients avoid removal since it’s a surgical procedure, and oral surgery is the last thing you want to hear from your dentist when you go to a dental clinic. It’s critical to understand what complications may happen if you leave those teeth alone and why removing them is always better than keeping them. Moreover, our sedation specialists offer the best relief methods in Toronto to make the procedure as painless as possible. Keep reading to learn about the 5 common consequences of keeping these third morals in your mouth.

Wisdom Teeth: 5 Complications of Not Removing Them

Periodontal Disease

One of the most common complications is pericoronitis, which is an infection harming gum tissues around the impacted wisdom teeth. It can bring you awful dental well-being issues, and this infection can also spread all over your body.

Therefore, it’s considered a threat not only to your smile but also to your general wellness. It’s very important to receive our quality infection treatments in Toronto to preserve your shiny smile and then remove these teeth.

Damaged Teeth

Most patients don’t have enough space in their mouths to have their wisdom teeth properly in place. Therefore, the process of eruption becomes so painful since those morals try to come in while there is no room for them.

It makes your other surrounding teeth crowded and misaligned, which is not good news, especially if you had braces before. In this case, it’s better to visit our experienced orthodontists in Toronto to find the best solution.


One of the most severe and scariest consequences is cysts, which form inside the sac within the jawbone near the wisdom teeth. It’s a very dangerous condition that should be handled by our professional Toronto oral surgeons or emergency dentists to save your oral health.

Tooth Decay

If the infection starts to spread, it can make your wisdom teeth decay as well. It makes your case more complicated to resolve, and more complex procedures may be needed.

Our dentist may recommend our root canal services in Toronto for surrounding decayed teeth, but our Toronto surgical extraction is the only option when it comes to wisdom teeth themselves.


Improperly merged wisdom teeth can cause ulcers in your mouth since they rub against your cheek. Although these wounds will fade away, you feel severe pain at that moment.

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