Do you Have Wisdom Teeth Pain?

Wisdom tooth pain can be excruciating and can get unbearable. It is crucial to get it treated timely if you do not want to suffer for an extended period. In some cases, people feel the pain of wisdom teeth constantly while in others, pain and discomfort are only experienced when the area is touched, or chewing food.

As per the advice of most dental professionals, it is recommended that wisdom teeth are removed before the pain becomes excessive. Let us elaborate more on what you need to know about wisdom teeth pain.

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Wisdom Teeth Pain Symptoms

Those who have not yet have had their wisdom teeth removed might be wondering if the pain they are experiencing is indeed stemming from that. So how do you recognize this pain?

• The pain of wisdom teeth is felt at the back of the mouth, behind the molar teeth.

• When you look into the mirror, you might find wisdom teeth rising through the gums.

• The area might be red and inflamed. It can also be tender to touch.

However, it is quite possible that some people do not have any visible symptoms and simply experience pain. Whatever the cause is, if you experience tooth pain, it is advisable to seek medical attention at the earliest.

wisdom teeth pain

Causes of Wisdom Tooth Pain

The pain of a wisdom tooth can be attributed to various reasons. It is possible that the wisdom tooth has become crooked, or it cannot fit properly in the mouth. You might also have developed an infection around the teeth.

It is quite possible that wisdom tooth suddenly erupts overnight with no apparent cause, taking you by surprise. In other cases, the pain can increase slowly and gradually, such that you do not notice it and mistake it for something else.

Irrespective of what the cause is, the pain can be detrimental to your oral health and thus warrants immediate attention.

The advisable course of action is to get yourself a dentist appointment if you experience wisdom tooth pain. A professional will ensure that the area is appropriately evaluated and proper treatment is commenced.

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Why wisdom tooth pain gets worse at night?

The pain of wisdom teeth may worsen at night. One reason for this could be that when you lie down, blood rushes to your head. The extra blood can increase the pain and pressure, resulting in aggravation of pain. You might clench or grind your teeth in sleep, which can be responsible for the increase in pain as well.

Another important point is that during the night, there are fewer distractions. Thus, you have nothing else to focus on except for the pain.

It might help you to sleep in an elevated position so that the pressure is alleviated, and your sleep is not hampered due to excessive pain.

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