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Wisdom Tooth Surgery

It is natural to be wary of any surgical procedure. A lot of people are hesitant to opt for wisdom tooth surgery. However, if neglected, wisdom teeth can lead to quite a lot of problems and therefore is something that should be taken care of at the earliest. Let us tell you everything there is to know about wisdom teeth surgery.


Wisdom Tooth Surgery Pain

The first concern one is likely to have with wisdom tooth surgery is how painful it would be. You can put your fears to rest. Your dentist can use any one of the three types of anesthesia to numb the area and ensure that you are inflicted with minimal pain.

In simple cases, local anesthesia is administered at the side of wisdom teeth extraction after numbing the area via a numbing gel. You will remain awake during the whole procedure. On the other hand, in some cases, sedation anesthesia or general anesthesia can be administered wherein you will remain asleep during the procedure and will thus not feel any pain.

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Wisdom Tooth Surgery Prep

The procedure will be performed by the dentist in his office. In order to prepare yourself for the procedure, you might want to ask some questions to your dentist. Find out how many wisdom teeth have to be removed, and the type of anesthesia your dentist would be using. Is the dentist expecting any complications, and how long can the procedure be expected to last? What are the difficulties you can expect if you do not go through with this surgery? What are the risks involved, and what type of care would have to be taken after the procedure? This would ensure that you are mentally prepared for the procedure. Make sure that you put forth all the queries that you have in mind.

You will receive instructions from the clinic staff regarding what needs to be done on the day of the scheduled surgery. You might have to make arrangements for someone to drive you home, depending on the type of anesthesia that would be used by your dentist. If you are going to be given general anesthesia, you will need to stop eating and drinking about 8 hours prior to the procedure. Some nonprescription drugs also have to be avoided before the surgery



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Wisdom Tooth Surgery Recovery

If you are given sedation or general anesthesia, you will have to remain in the recovery room till the time that you regain consciousness.

You might experience some oozing of blood immediately after the procedure. Excessive spitting should be avoided. You might experience mild pain and discomfort for the first couple of days for which you will be prescribed over the counter painkillers. Some swelling and bruising are common for which ice packs can be used.

You cannot brush your teeth or use mouthwash during the first 24 hours after surgery. Typically, you should fully recover in about ten days following the procedure.

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